Murder in North Melbourne

ON THIS DAY – December 11, 1930 MELBOURNE On a charge of having murdered Dizedes Messerschmidt, 27, a Czecho Slovakian, of North Melbourne, on December 11. Jozef Thur, 33, a fellow countryman, was committed for trial today by the coroner. The police alleged that Thur made a statement to them, admitting having stabbed Messerschmidt.  

Intent to Commit a Felony

ON THIS DAY…… 11th December 1900 Two young men, named William Carter and Walter Tyrrell, were charged at the Drysdale Police Court with entering the house of Mr. J. O. Judd to intent to commit a felony. The accused were seen by two neighbour entering Mr. Judd’s house whilst he was at church. They were […]


ON THIS DAY – 11th December 1900 The trial of five young men named Jason O’Shannessey, Alfred Cropley, Moss Smith, John Jason Dowdle, and Henry Edward Victoria Johnson on a charge of wilfully murdering an old man named Jason Vance, commenced in the Criminal Court on the 11th of December 1900. It was alleged that in […]

The Leaving of Governor Phillip

On this day …….. 11th of December 1792 Due to poor health Arthur Phillip, first Governor of Australia return to England. He departed for his homeland on the 11th December 1792, sailing in the ship “Atlantic”. Phillip resigned his commission soon after arriving back in England, and died on 31 August 1814. Arthur Phillip was […]

Murder and Suicide

ON THIS DAY – December 10, 1886 A tragedy occurred at South Melbourne to-day, when a married woman named Alice Wiggins, wife of a travelling cutler living in Coventry-place, murdered her infant son by cutting his throat. She then committed suicide by cutting her own throat. It appears Mrs. Wiggins had been confined several times […]

Lunatic On The Run

On this day …….. 10th of December 1945 David John Linsing, 30 years, escaped from Mont Park Asylum on this day in 1945. His description was 5 feet; 6 inches high, fair hair and complexion. He was wearing, a, light brown coat, dark grey trousers, white canvas slippers, and was without a hat.


ON THIS DAY…… 10th December 1908 John Kane was sentenced to three months imprisonment at the Geelong gaol for larceny. Kane, who was 6ft. 3in. high, and weighs 15 stone, was suspected of stealing £2 from a mate, on a station near Camperdown, and after quietly submitting to arrest, he pleaded guilty, and was summarily […]

Murder of Fred Flint

ON THIS DAY – December 10, 1912 Murder Charge. The trial of Walter James Anderson for the murder of Fred Flint, who met his death by poisoning at Merriman’s Creek, on Tuesday, December 10, took place on Wednesday at the Sale Supreme Court, before Mr Justice Hood. Mr Leon prosecuted for the Crown and Mr […]

“Boys, The Game is Up”

On this day …….. 10th of December 1937 Richard L Jackson, and Leslie George Atkins, who escaped from the prison reformatory garden on the 3rd of December, were recaptured at Yackandandah on this day in 1937, by Constable W. Knowles, and were both given an extra 18 months’ imprisonment by the Beechworth honorary Justices. Jackson, […]


ON THIS DAY – December 10, 1903 Five men named Ginglingbury, Apper, Taylor, Flanders, and Hanley have been arrested on a charge of murder in connection with the death of Yee Moon, the Chinese gardener. Moon died in the Melbourne Hospital on January 3. He had been admitted for treatment of injuries sustained in a […]


On This Day – 8th December, 1910 At the inquest on Margaret Whiteside, who died on November 19 from burning, it was shown that she had lived with a man named Ernest Sims, and evidence was given by the son, Ernest Sims, a boy four years of age, who said the deceased was his mother, […]


On This Day – December 8, 1924 The State Government has decided to offer a reward of £600 for the apprehension of Alexander Thomas, whom the Coroner declared guilty of the murder of Miss Bridget Enright at staghorn Flat, near Wodonga.