Man Charged with Murder – MANSFIELD

ON THIS DAY……. 23rd May 1926 In his opening address at the inquest into the death of Lim Kwong, chinamen aged 62 years, at the Mansfield Court House, Inspector Koetsveld caused a stir. Kwong, who was a Chinese market gardener, was found murdered on this day in 1926. The inspector said that Phillip (Bert) Woods, […]

The Last Executions in Australia

Executions in Australia were abolished by most of the states in the 1960s – 1980s, excepting Queensland who had abolished the death penalty in 1922. Queensland’ final execution was that of Ernest Austin on 22nd September 1913. Austin was executed for the rape and murder of 12 year old Ivy Mitchell near Sanford. ┬áHe was […]

The Execution of William Barnes

EXECUTED THIS DAY……. 15th May 1885 Melbourne William Barnes was executed at the Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Joseph Bragge Slack at South Melbourne on the 9th September last. Since his conviction the prisoner had been much depressed, and he showed signs of breaking down. He became subject to fits of stupor, but during […]

Execution of Morris Sutton Ramsden Brewer – PENTRIDGE

EXECUTED THIS DAY……. 14th May 1950 Mr. Bourke city coroner, found Morris Sutton Ramsden Brewer, 23, clerk, of Asling st., East Brighton, had strangled Carmen Walters, his ex-fiancee. He committed Brewer for trial for murder. Carmen Walters, 19, railway porter, of Glencairn Av, East Brighton, was found dead near her home on May 14. Brewer […]

Sunny Bywater

On This Day ……. 8th May 1912 The prisoner Condor, alias Malone, who gave the police a lot of trouble was sentenced on several charges of misbehaviour, was conveyed to “Pentridge from Geelong gaol to serve his term. An old identity named Sammy Bywater alias Percy Ramage was removed from the Geelong gaol to the […]

Execution of John Kelly

EXECUTION THIS DAY – May 4, 1867 BEECHWORTH John Kelly was convicted at the last Circuit Court holden at Beechworth, of having, on the 26th November last, at Wangaratta, committed an unnatural offence on a male child aged only eighteen months. From the time of his conviction, Kelly has been assiduously attended by the Rev. […]

Female Prisoners to Pentridge

On This Day ……. 29th April 1894 On this day in 1894, all the female prisoners from the Geelong were transferred to Pentridge prison. There was a reduction in the staff at the Geelong Gaol from the effected through the option by the Penal department of new arrangements in regard to the disposal of female […]

Murderer Hanged

EXECUTED THIS DAY …… 17th APRIL 1939 George Green, aged 30, chimney sweep, was hanged at the Pentridge Gaol on this day in 1939, for the murder of Annie Wiseman, 63, and her niece, Phyllis Wiseman, 17, in Glenroy. Green was unattended at the scaffold and, beyond denying the report that he had committed the […]

Easter at Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 13th April 1925 The vacancy at the gaol that was caused by the retirement of Chief Warder Desmond has been the appointment of Senior Warder McGann, of Pentridge, who has commenced duty at Geelong, Victoria. The Easter arrangements were observed during Good Friday by clergymen who visited the gaol. Some prisoners […]

Invalids Received

On This Day – 29th March 1912 Mr. Read Murphy. P.M., made his usual visit to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1912, and found no cause for complaint. Five prisoners of the invalid class were received from Pentridge while he was there.  

Feeble Class Prisoners

On This Day – 8th March 1907 Four prisoners, of the usual vagrant and feeble class, were received at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1907 from Pentridge, and the police escort took back two female prisoners to Coburg. Since the Penal authorities transferred the matron from the gaol, it has been necessary to […]

Child Killer

ON THIS DAY – February 15, 1896 William Alfred Dales, painter and paper hanger residing at 73 Union st, Windsor murdered his two youngest children, on this night in 1896. Dales cut the throats of his boy Robert William aged five, and his daughter Catherine aged three. Dales eldest, a girl aged 14 years, left […]