Invalids Received

On This Day – 29th March 1912 Mr. Read Murphy. P.M., made his usual visit to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1912, and found no cause for complaint. Five prisoners of the invalid class were received from Pentridge while he was there.  

Feeble Class Prisoners

On This Day – 8th March 1907 Four prisoners, of the usual vagrant and feeble class, were received at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1907 from Pentridge, and the police escort took back two female prisoners to Coburg. Since the Penal authorities transferred the matron from the gaol, it has been necessary to […]

Child Killer

ON THIS DAY – February 15, 1896 William Alfred Dales, painter and paper hanger residing at 73 Union st, Windsor murdered his two youngest children, on this night in 1896. Dales cut the throats of his boy Robert William aged five, and his daughter Catherine aged three. Dales eldest, a girl aged 14 years, left […]

Insane Mother

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 8, 1927 DONALD Beatrice Ivy Adcock aged 18 years was charged with having murdered on this day in 1927, a male child at Donald. Accused pleaded not guilty. A verdict of not guilty was returned on the grounds of insanity at the time, and Adcock will be detained at the […]

Last person to be Executed in Australia

EXECUTED THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 3, 1967 Eleven hours before the time he was due to hang, Ronald Ryan was joking with his warders, and was in good spirits, in his H division cell at Pentridge. Ryan’s constant companion during the past few weeks, the Reverend Father John Brosnan, said this when he left the […]

Notorious Negro Convict

ON THIS DAY – February 3, 1911 The trial of the negro convict William King, on a charge of having on the 3rd of February, in Pentridge prison, attempted to murder Warder William Herbert Schraeder. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and King was sent back to gaol. On arriving at the underground […]

Escape of Richard Hudson from Mayday Hills

On this day …….. 28th of January 1878 ESCAPED LUNATIC Joseph Hudson a Blacksmith at Stringers creek in Gippsland committed his brother Richard to the Mayday Hills Asylum on the 5th of November 1869, because he could no longer look after him. Hudson’s wife was in Pentridge at the time and had been for a […]

Three Prisoners Escape

On this day …….. 24th of January 1936 Warder McDonald who was on duty in No. 3 tower at Geelong gaol on the 24th of January 1936, prevented the escape of three prisoners from No. 5 exercise yard. The warders suspicions were aroused by the actions of the three men, and he made an immediate […]

The Yalca Murder

On This Day – January 23, 1881 Robert Rohan, alias Smith, murderer of John Shea, at Yalca, near Shepparton, on the 23rd January 1881, was executed in Beechworth gaol on the 6th of June, by Upjohn, at 10am. The condemned man walked on to the scaffold in a calm, deliberate manner, chewing a piece of […]

Execution of Thomas Johnson

EXECUTED THIS DAY – January 23, 1939 PENTRIDGE PRISON At the Pentridge Gaol, Coburg, on this day in 1939, Thomas William Johnson, aged 40 years, labourer, was hanged for the murder of Robert Gray, aged 73 years, and Adam Bunney, aged 61 years, at Dunolly on the 6th of October 1938. Johnson, who had refused […]

Ned Kelly Brought Home

On this day …….. 18th of January 2013 133 years after he Ned Kelly was executed at Old Melbourne Gaol, Kelly was buried with his mother in the Greta Cemetery in North East Victoria. was hanged. Up to 300 family members and hundreds more members of the public attended a requiem mass for Australia’s most […]

Escape from Pentridge Gaol

On this day …….. 18th of January 1938 On this day in 1938, by scaling a tence and then the outer wall of Pentridge Gordon Orms (17) escaped from gaol this morning. Both obstacles were 12 ft. high. Warders refrained from firing because the youth ran in the direction of a settled area at Coburg. […]