Seeing a Ghost

On this day ………… 6th November 1920 Whether recent demonstrations by spiritualists in Melbourne or the defeat of the prohibition party at the polls, had an unsettling effect on the nerves of peaceable citizens cannot be definitely established said the Melbourne Age, but people in Abbotsford have been seeing a ghost. At any rate, they think they have […]

Cockatoo Identifies its Owner

On this day …….. 27th September 1919 The police of Bourke street West Watchhouse, Melbourne, vouch for this story about a cockatoo. Some months ago Mr Pearson, licensee of a South Melbourne hotel, reported the loss of the bird, which he valued at £50. On Friday a plain-clothes constable traced the bird to a house […]

Daring robbery Mistletoe Hotel – Melbourne

On the night of the 11th of September 1879, a daring robbery was committed at the Mistletoe Hotel, Mackenzie-street, Melbourne, belonging to Mr. Charles Wright, who also conducts the Colosseum Hotel. Wright was away at the Colosseum, leaving his bed-room at the Misletoe locked up. During the evening the barmaid heard a noise in the […]

Ghost lights – Brisbane

On this day …….. 9th September 1947 Phone calls to the police and newspaper office resulted in a visit to Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, of local residents in pyjamas. Police constable and reporter calls were to the effect that a “ghost light” had been seen, among the graves. Three searchers found the light came from a […]

Lions escape exposed as hoax – Stawell

On This Day ……. 6th September 2012 Reports that lions escaped the visiting Lennon Bros Circus in Stawell, Western Victoria, have been exposed as a hoax. Social network website Facebook went into overdrive with rumours that a lion was on the loose around the town. Cheryl Lennon, manager of Lennon Bros Circus, said the reports […]

The Events of Hoddle Street

ON THIS DAY ………. 9th August 1987 Hoddle Street is where the majority of the shootings took place. The first car that Knight opened fire on contained a married couple, Con and Rita Vitkos. Rita received minor wounds and her husband drove on before stopping at a Mobil service station about 150 metres further south […]

First Undercover Police in NSW

Photo published in Sydney newspapers at the behest of police in 1933 to show that detectives didn’t need to look like typical burly coppers.  

Robberies at City Morgue

On this day …….. 13th of July 1929 Charles Leslie Stewart, 29 years, formerly a constable of police, stationed at the City Morgue, came before Mr. Justice MacIndoe for sentence on the 13th of July 1929. Stewart had been found guilty of stealing money and property from the clothes of bodies taken to the morgue. […]


ON THIS DAY – July 9, 1870 In Bailie-street, Hotham, for the last three or four years, there has been residing a fisherman, named Patrick Smith, a married man, with one child— aged fourteen years of age. Both husband and wife, since they have resided in the locality, have been addicted to drink, and continued […]

Murder in Richmond

ON THIS DAY – July 3, 1981 Nightclub singer Ms Haroula Kipouridou was found in the half-opened lift of her Richmond Housing Commission block on July 3, 1981. She had been raped and her face was so badly bashed she choked on blood. Prime suspect Barry Harding was killed in a car crash after serving […]

Incompetence Victoria Police

On this day …….. 27th of June 1880 Aaron Sherritt’s body still lay in a pool of blood on the floor of his hut in the Woolshed Valley near Beechworth, North East Victoria after being murdered by the Kelly Gang. Police in his hut affrayed that Ned Kelly and his gang were still outside waiting […]

Australia Strangest Murder Case

The Shark Arm case refers to a series of incidents that began in Sydney, Australia on the 25th of April 1935 when a human arm was regurgitated by a captive 3.5-metre tiger shark, subsequently leading to a murder investigation. The tiger shark had been caught 3 kilometres from the beach suburb of Coogee in mid-April […]