Transferred to Geelong

On This Day ……. 27th April 1927 Clive Frankston, aged 36 years, was charged on the 1st of the June 1926, with larceny and sentenced to two years in Pentradge. On the 28th April 1927, the Penal Authorities at Pentridge decided to transfer Frankston and another prisoner, Henry Tacke, to the Geelong Gaol. The two […]

Driver of Car Arrested

ON THIS DAY – April 25, 1926 KILLED BY MOTOR CAR On April 25 William Thomas was knocked down and killed by a motor car. Since that date the police have been searching for the driver, who, they allege, did not pull up. They have arrested a man at Collingwood. John Williams (36) appeared before […]

Murder of James Edwards

ON THIS DAY ……. 13th April 1940 EAST HAWTHORN Douglas Ernest Evans aged 27, of Hawthorn, was committed for trial on a charge of having murdered James Charles Edwards aged 47, on this day in 1940. Senior-Detective Deslamen said that Evans had told the police that he was at the garage in Burke road, Camberwell, […]

Mad Dog Morgan Killed

On this day ……. 9th April 1865 John Fuller aka Daniel Morgan aka Mad Dog Morgan was born in 1830 and was killed by police on this day in 1865. He was an Australian bushranger from North East Victoria and Southern NSW. After he killed a trooper in July 1864, the Government put a £1,000 […]

Bushranger Morgan

On This Day……… 8th April 1865 On this day in 1865, bushranger Dan Morgan arrived at Peechelba Station near Wangaratta and held up a homestead. He demanded good and entertainment, and settled down for the night, holding the occupants of the homestead hostage. On the pretext of seeing a crying baby, one of the station […]

Bushranger on the Move

On This Day……… 7th April 1865 The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan had heard that the Victorian Police had challenged him to try his luck south of the NSW boarder, which he took up the offer. On this day in 1865, Morgan visited Evan Evans to settle an old score in the King River. Hearing the […]

The Death of Rose Summers

ON THIS DAY – 2nd April 1891 COLLINGWOOD What appeared to be a brutal murder was committed Collingwood. About 230am a man named John Finnigan, 20 years old, cigar maker, was seen walking down Langridge-street with a young woman, known as Rose Summers. Both were slightly under the influence of liquor, They went into a […]

Two Tigers and a Mandrill

On This Day……… 2nd April 1945 A police force equipped with rifles was called out at 3am on the 2nd of April 1945, to fight two tigers and a mandrill (a large sized monkey) which escaped from their cages 21 miles from Inverell. The animals belonged to Perry Bros. Circus, and the cages were smashed […]

A Sad Case

ON THIS DAY …….. 1st April 1901 HEALESVILLE Catherine and Hester Brown, mother and daughter, were charged with the murder of a newly-born male child on this day in 1901, at Healesville. Hester Brown, in a statement made to the police, and which was read in court, admitted having given birth to an illegitimate male […]

Sequel to a Street Brawl

ON THIS DAY – March 31, 1918 MELBOURNE At an inquiry regarding the death of Albert Greaves (28) in the Melbourne Hospital on March 31 as the result of injuries to his head, the Coroner committed James Gibson for trial on a charge of manslaughter. It is alleged that in the course of an altercation […]

Murder by Alice Jepson

ON THIS DAY……….. 28th of March 1899 Alice Maud Jepson, wife of Johann Christian Jepson a lighterman, was arrested by Constable Harris of Yarraville, on suspicion of having murdered her son Francis Norman Jepson, aged seven years. Jepson was brought before Messrs Warner and Gallant J.P.s at the Footscray Police Court. The accused appeared to […]

The Bombing of Russell Street

ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1986 On this day in 1986, the Russell Street Police Headquarters complex in Russell Street was a target of a bombing attack which would bring the Victorian Police Force and Melbourne to a stand still. The explosion was caused by a car bomb hidden in a stolen 1979 Holden […]