Escape of William Hartwell

ON This Day – 21st March 1930 ATTEMPTED ESCAPE FROM GAOL After having inquired into the attempted escape of William Hartwell from the Geelong gaol a week earlier. The Inspector General of Penal Establishments decided to take disciplinary action against the warder for alleged lack of proper vigilance, and to commend another warder for his […]

Insubordinate Ladies

On This Day – 17th March 1855 Convict Elizabeth Wilson, Mary Bennett and Sarah Cane were charged at the Geelong Gaol with insubordination and sentenced to one month added to original sentence by the Visiting Justice.  

A Friendly Disturbance

On This Day – 17th March 1891 William Wallis, aged 25 years, William Selbourne, aged 22 years, and Thomas Wallis, aged 19 years, were each charged with having been drunk and disorderly, and with having behaved in an insulting manner in the street. The evidence adduced showed that on the 17th the prisoners, who had […]

Escape from Geelong Gaol

On this day ………… 15th March 1930 William Hartwell 30 years of age and a prisoner at the Geelong Gaol, Victoria, made an attempt to escape on the this day in 1930. While a warder’s attention was diverted Hartwell managed to climb over the wall and make a run for freedom but was recaptured before […]

Execution of the Frankston Murderer

EXECUTION THIS DAY ……….. 14th March 1877 WILLIAM HASTINGS THE FRANKSTON MURDER. William Hastings was charged with the murder of his wife at Frankston on the 1st of December 1877. Eliza Hastings, a girl about 16 years of age, the daughter of the prisoner, gave evidence that her father had had criminal intercourse with her […]

Indecent Assault by M’Glynn

On This Day – 12th March 1864 Serious Offence At the Geelong police court, an old man, of repulsive aspect, named M’Glynn, lately the proprietor of a menagerie in Market square, was charged with committing an indecent assault upon a diminutive girl, aged thirteen. The child’s evidence went to show that a capital offence had […]

Convict George Ash

On This Day – 10th March 1868 Convict George Ash was charged at the Geelong Gaol with Assault of a fallow prisoner Stewart and was sentenced to 24 hours on bread and water by the Governor.    

Attempt To Break Out of Gaol

On this day ………… 7th March 1900 On the 7th of March 1900, Edward Brown, prisoner attempted to escape from the Geelong Gaol, in which he was serving a sentence of five years for burglary. It is not regarded seriously by the prison authorities. The facts of the case have been brought under the notice […]

Inquest on body of Lunatic

On This Day – 6th March 1854 A coroner’s inquest was held at the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1854, at 1pm. Coroner, Mr Forster Shaw and a respectable Jury, view the body of Ann Connelly, late a prisoner lunatic. George Coward, colonial assistant surgeon, being sworn. The deceased, Ann Connelly, had been in […]

Footballer Charged with Murder

ON THIS DAY – March 1, 1908 A young Wedderburn footballer named James Fanning was in the Bendigo Supreme Court charged with having murdered Albert Loch Taylor at Wedderburn on the 1st of March. Evidence was given that the prisoner had in the Royal Hotel, Wedderburn, on the night of the 29th of February, commenced […]

Lunatic Prisoner

On This Day – 1st March 1854 On the 1st March 1854, Catherine Smith, female turnkey of the Geelong gaol, described a lunatic prison Ann Connelly. The Prisoner was rather violent and was very dirty in her habits, and required attendance as a child. She has been obliged to keep her bed from dysentery, and […]

Escapee Shot Dead at Pentridge

ON THIS DAY – February 27, 1932 Reginald Barker aged 17, a prisoner at the Pentridge Gaol, at Coburg, Melbourne, attempted to escape on the 27th of February 1932. During his attempt Barker wounded Warder Dowd and himself was shot dead. After hearing the evidence the coroner recorded a finding of justifiable homicide. Warder Dowd, […]