On This Day ……. 18th May 1908 The prisoner John Purdy, against whom the sentence of death was recorded for a grave offence at Warrnambool, was detained at the Geelong gaol. As is customary in such cases, the accused was allowed a more liberal dietary and other privileges. His case went before the Executive Council […]

Transfer of prisoners

On This Day ……. 17th May 1906 Six Pentridge prisoners were escorted to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1906, by three constables, to complete their sentences in the sanatorium. The escort took back two prisoner who were paraded before detectives and discharged.  

Geelong Gaol Warder Found Delivering Letters

On This Day ……. 9th May 1906 A Geelong gaol warder, Robert Barker, who was on leave in Melbourne, was shadowed by detectives, and found delivering letters from a prisoner, the charges made against Detective Sexton.  

Sunny Bywater

On This Day ……. 8th May 1912 The prisoner Condor, alias Malone, who gave the police a lot of trouble was sentenced on several charges of misbehaviour, was conveyed to “Pentridge from Geelong gaol to serve his term. An old identity named Sammy Bywater alias Percy Ramage was removed from the Geelong gaol to the […]

Execution of Joseph Brown

EXECUTION THIS DAY – May 4, 1865 MELBOURNE The execution of Joseph Brown, who at the last Criminal sitting of the Supreme Court was sentenced to death for the murder of Emanuel Jacobs on March 22, at the Whittington Tavern Bourke-street, took place at the Melbourne gaol, in presence of about twenty spectators. At an […]

A Fortnight at Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 30th April 1867 On this day in 1867, William Lane, was taken into custody by a policeman, and when on his way to the Geelong watch house he was followed by a large crowd of men and boys, who, it was said, would probably have rescued the lad if the apprehending […]

Number of Prisoners

On This Day ……. 28th April 1910 The Geelong news paper wrote on this day in 1910, about the numbers of prisoners in the Geelong Gaol. Over the last 10 years the daily average number of prisoners in Geelong was between 130 to 140. Now it fluctuates slightly on either side of 100, and would […]

Transferred to Geelong

On This Day ……. 27th April 1927 Clive Frankston, aged 36 years, was charged on the 1st of the June 1926, with larceny and sentenced to two years in Pentradge. On the 28th April 1927, the Penal Authorities at Pentridge decided to transfer Frankston and another prisoner, Henry Tacke, to the Geelong Gaol. The two […]

Execution of David Magee

EXECUTION THIS DAY – April 25, 1854   David Magee, convicted at the last Criminal Sessions at Castlemaine of murder, under the circumstances then detailed in the Argus, suffered the extreme penalty of the law yesterday morning, at the usual place of exceution, the common gaol at Melbourne. The prisoner, who was a man nearly […]

Died in Goal Hospital

On This Day ……. 23rd April 1907 A prisoner named Atherton, recently sentenced to six months imprisonment for imposition at Warrnambool, died in the Geelong goal hospital on this 1907. Deceased, who was 43 years of age enjoyed good health up to Sunday night, when he had a violent seizure and never rallied from it. […]

An Unnatural Offence

On This Day ……. 23rd April 1870 Quong Song, was found guilty of an unnatural offence, and had a sentence of death recorded against him. Mr Struehan, agent for the executors of the late Mr Calvert’s will, wished to give evidence, and, having been sworn, stated that he had known the prisoner for upwards of […]

Three Years Hard Labour

On This Day ……. 21st April 1870 Adolph Thieves, convicted on two charges of larceny, asked His Honour to he kind enough to pass a lenient sentence, as it was the first time he had been in gaol, and he could prove when he came out that the property was not Mr Gosling’s at all. […]