ON THIS DAY……… 12th June 1939 A finding that a motor-van that struck and killed Patrick White aged 55, of Otter St., Collingwood, on this day in 1939, had been driven negligently. He committed John Dingwall McGregor, dairy produce merchant, of Park Grove, Burnley, for trial on a charge of manslaughter. It was stated in […]

Hating Alison Ashley – 2005

Hating Alison Ashley is a 2005 Australian comedy film based upon the 1984 novel of the same name produced by Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman and directed by Geoff Bennett. It was filmed in Kinglake West,Victoria, Australia and Docklands Studios Melbourne.The film stars Saskia Burmeister, as Erica “Yuk” Yurken, an adolescent brunette who fantasises about a better life […]

First Balloon Flight

On this day …….. 13th of December 1858 The first balloon flight in Sydney, Australia, takes place on this day in 1858. The hot air balloon was developed in the 1700s by Frenchman Jacques √Čtienne Montgolfier, together with his brother Joseph-Michel. Montgolfier progressed to untethered flights until 1783 when he tested the first balloon to […]

Murder of a Child

ON THIS DAY – November 29, 1930 Dr. David Rosenberg, a well-known practitioner at Richmond, appeared at the Criminal Court on Friday, before the Chief Justice, having been committed from the Coroner’s Court on a charge of manslaughter, arising out of the death of a child, 5 1/2 years of age, named Ruby May Clementine […]

Richmond Charge of Murder

ON THIS DAY – November 16, 1907 Two men, Roy Sherrin, 19 years of age, a labourer, living in Nicholson street, Abbotsford, and William Thomas, driver, of River-street, Richmond, have been arrested, charged with the wilful murder of John Bradford. Bradford sustained a fracture of the skull in a brawl in Hoddle-street, on November 16, […]

Escaped elephant – Richmond

On This Day ……. 29th October 1954 Escaped Elephant – Richmond An escaped elephant from Wirth’s Circus’ temporary camp outside Olympic Park in Richmond, Melbourne caused a mild panic on the 29th October 1954. At 9.30 p.m. a check was made by the boys guarding the elephants, and it was found that one was missing. […]

Wife’s Serious Charge

ON THIS DAY – October 9, 1917   Before Mr Justice Hodges, in the Criminal Court this week, Horace Caston was charged with having, on October 9, attempted to murder Florence Caston, his wife, by pushing her out of a train while it was travelling between Richmond and Melbourne. There was a second charge of […]

Woman on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – October 8, 1948   A Richmond woman alleged to have put weed killer in her husband’s beer during a party at a Melbourne boarding house on October 8, was committed for trial on a charge of murder after an inquest at the City Morgue to-day. The police alleged that the woman, […]

Beginning of TV in Australia

On this day …….. 27th September 1956 GTV (channel 9) was amongst the first television stations to begin regular transmission in Australia. Test transmissions began on 27 September 1956, introduced by former 3DB radio announcer Geoff Corke, based at the Mt Dandenong transmitter, as the studios in Richmond were not yet ready. The station was […]

Murder of Shirley Collins

ON THIS DAY – September 12, 1953 Homicide detectives who investigated the murder of 14-year-old Shirley May Collins, whose battered body was found in September 1953 at Mt Martha, described the murder as one of the most vicious and sadistic in the history of Victoria¬Ě. The investigation was said to be one of the biggest […]

Setford Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 24th August 1894 James Setford was placed in the dock at the Criminal Sessions charged with the murder of his own child at Richmond on the 24th August. He wept bitterly, and was unable to plead. The Government medical experts stated that Setford was insane, and he was therefore remanded during the […]

Murder by Youths

ON THIS DAY…… 16th August 1946 John William Yuille, 17, waiter, of Richmond, and Robert Kennedy, 16, messenger, of Collingwood, were charged yesterday with the murder of Duncan Campbell, in Coventry Street, St. Kilda, last night. Campbell was found shot through the heart. Yuille was remanded to appear In the City Court on August 23, […]