Verdict at Richmond Inquest

On This Day – June 27, 1930 Murder and suicide was the finding of the City Coroner (Mr. Grant, P.M.) today after the inquiry into the death of George Young, horse trainer, and Lily Maude Veal, 49, whose bodies were found after a violent quarrel at a house in Kent street, Richmond, on June 27. […]

Inquest at Vine Hotel

On This Day – June 25, 1886 The inquest on the body of Mary Taylor, found dead in her house in Kenny street, Richmond, early on Saturday morning, was held yesterday at the Vine Hotel, Richmond. Thomas Taylor, the husband of the deceased, being present in custody. Denis Hogan,a lodger with the Taylors, stated that the deceased had […]


ON THIS DAY……… 12th June 1939 A finding that a motor-van that struck and killed Patrick White aged 55, of Otter St., Collingwood, on this day in 1939, had been driven negligently. He committed John Dingwall McGregor, dairy produce merchant, of Park Grove, Burnley, for trial on a charge of manslaughter. It was stated in […]

Hating Alison Ashley – 2005

Hating Alison Ashley is a 2005 Australian comedy film based upon the 1984 novel of the same name produced by Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman and directed by Geoff Bennett. It was filmed in Kinglake West,Victoria, Australia and Docklands Studios Melbourne.The film stars Saskia Burmeister, as Erica “Yuk” Yurken, an adolescent brunette who fantasises about a better life […]

Accused Committed in Richmond Murder

ON THIS DAY – May 11, 1909 RICHMOND   The Coroner, Dr. Cole, resumed inquiry regarding the death of Margaret Gallagher, aged 77, who was found on May 11 with her throat cut, and her skull fractured, at her home in Little Buckingham street, Richmond. Arthur O’Sullivan, a butcher, charged with wilful murder of deceased, […]

Italians Acquitted of Murder

ON THIS DAY – May 10, 1934 RICHMOND MURDER CHARGE. Italians Acquitted After a retirement of two and a quarter hours at the Criminal Court to-day, the jury to-day acquitted two 19-year-old Italians, Antonio Chiodo and Antonio Audino, on a charge of having murdered Rocco Petulla, on May 10, and they were discharged. They received […]

The Richmond Murder

On This Day – May 10, 1909 THE RICHMOND MURDER TRIAL OF ARTHUR O’SULLIVAN. The trial of Arthur O’Sulllvan, on a charge of the murder of Mrs. Margaret Gallagher, of Little Buckingham-street, Richmond, was commenced before Mr. Justice, Hodges, at the Criminal Court to-day. O’Sullivan, who displayed his usual cool and confident manner, challenged several […]

Murder of Mrs Bowker

ON THIS DAY – May 1, 1967 A man on remand until to-morrow on an extradition hearing appeared in the Central Court today charged with having murdered a woman in Melbourne on May 1. He is Raymond Patrick O’Connor, meat worker, of Castlereagh Street, City, who is charged with the murder of Shirley Bowker, 31, of Dight […]

A Charge of Murder

ON THIS DAY – April 26, 1930 MONTROSE At an inquest into the death of Margaret Jean Alexander, aged 20 years, of Belfast road, Montrose, on April 26, the coroner Mr. D. Grant found that she had died from shock and cardiac paralysis, due to an illegal operation. May McNeal, of Bennett street, Richmond, was […]

Coroners Inquiry into Robert Walker

ON THIS DAY – April 21, 1917 RICHMOND The death of Robert Walker, licensee of the Prince of Wales Hotel, Richmond, which occurred on April 21 as the result of a wound received a few hours earlier, was inquired into at the Morgue yesterday by the City Coroner (Dr. R. H. Cole). William Gruner, a […]

Trial of May McNeal

ON THIS DAY ……….. 26th of March 1930 Before Mr. Justice Lowe, in the Criminal Court of Melbourne the trial of May McNeal, a married woman, of Bennett Street, Richmond, began on a charge of murder. The charge against Mrs McNeal was that at Richmond on the 26th of March 1930 she murdered Margaret Jean […]

Men Grapple For Axe

ON THIS DAY …….. 22nd March 1934 RICHMOND Ernest Kirkwood, a young man, was charged with having murdered Claude Leslie Cooper at Richmond on this day in 1934. Death was alleged to have been caused through a blow on the head by an axe. Kirkwood maintained a quiet demeanour in court when the charge was […]