Attempted Murder in Carlton

On This Day – May 9th, 1889 On May 9th, 1889, a man named Walter Brooks, an insurance agent, attempted to murder a woman with whom he had been living, named Matilda Thompson, at Earl-street, North Carlton.  Brooks was charged with wilful trespass at the house of Mrs Thompson’s son the week before. He went […]

Murder of Benvenuto

On this day ……… 8th of May 2000 52-year-old fruiterer Francesco “Frank” Benvenuto, was fatally shot while sitting in his car in the driveway of his Beaumaris home on the 8th of May 2000. Phone records show that as Benvenuto lay dying he managed to ring ex-employee and associate Victor Peirce on his mobile phone. […]

Murder of Beverley Ratten

ON THIS DAY – May 7, 1970 ECHUCA On May 7, 1970 members of the Victoria Police stationed in Echuca responded to an emergency call at a home in Mitchell Street. They found a heavily-pregnant woman, Beverley Ratten, lying dead in the kitchen from a shotgun wound to the torso. Her upset husband, Leith Ratten, […]

Giant Bird

On this day …….. 26th April 1932 A giant bird was shot on this day in 1932. Miss Boardman, of Bangaroo station, stated “The Wedge Tailed Eagle that was shot measured 7ft 3 in from wing-tip to wing-tip.’  

Murder of Father

ON THIS DAY ……. 12th April 1942 MORDIALLOC Leslie Edward Mansfield, aged 15, said to his mother after he had shot his father twice in the dining room of their home in Mordialloc on this day in 1942, “Now go to sleep, mum, you will have some peace.” Mansfield was charged with murder to which […]

Mad Dog Morgan Killed

On this day ……. 9th April 1865 John Fuller aka Daniel Morgan aka Mad Dog Morgan was born in 1830 and was killed by police on this day in 1865. He was an Australian bushranger from North East Victoria and Southern NSW. After he killed a trooper in July 1864, the Government put a £1,000 […]

Murder of Lewis Moran

ON THIS DAY – March 31, 2004 Masked gunmen entered the Brunswick Club on Sydney Road, Brunswick, at approximately 6.40pm on 31 March 2004, driving a Ford Falcon EF XR6 station wagon. Moran ran from his place at the bar, over a poker machine, through a glass window before the gunman caught up with him […]

Court Held in Ambulance

ON THIS DAY …….. 29th March 1955 MYRTLEFORD An ambulance was used as a court, when Stanislaus Bartosz was remanded on a charge of murder. Bartosz a 40 year old Polish tobacco farmer. As the ambulance stood in the yard at Russell Street Police Headquarters, the Judge stood alongside it, and an interpreter relayed proceedings […]

The St Kilda Murder

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1890 ST KILDA Henry Bennett was charged with the murder of his uncle, George Thomas May, at St. Kilda, on this day in 1890. A plea of insanity was advanced by the defence. Bennett, who is a youth, shot May alleging that he had mistreated his mother, Mrs. Bennett. […]

Murdering a Brother

ON THIS DAY – March 21, 1884 WILLIAM HAWTHORNE – BRIGHTON The trial of James Hawthorne, for the murder of his brother William Hawthorne, near Brighton, on March 21, was concluded in the Central Criminal Court, before the Chief Justice to day. His Honor, in charging the jury, said that at the outset he would […]

Death Sentence Imposed

ON THIS DAY …… 18th March 1943 Norman Morris Searle aged 25, of Burnley, was found guilty in the Criminal Court of the murder of Senior Constable Frederick Jones on this day in 1943. The jury made a strong recommendation for mercy. The Chief Justice, Sir Frederick Mann, pronounced the death sentence, and told the […]

Shooting Affray Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – March 13, 1929 RICHMOND John Dawson Fisher, 24, clerk, has been charged with murdering Harold McDonald, at Richmond. He appeared before the court yesterday and was remanded for a week on heavy bail. Detective Rosewarne told the Court that McDonald and his wife were quarrelling in the street about midnight on […]