Son on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – October 21, 1929   At the city court on Tuesday Basil Alfred Harrison, aged 27, was charged with having murdered Charles Harrison at Alphington on October 21. Senior-detective William Percival Jones ,said:–Early this morning I arrested Harrison on this charge. Charles Harrison was his father. It is alleged that late last […]

Charged with Murder

ON THIS DAY – October 21, 1898   At the Ballarat City Court to-day William Blomely, aged 18, and Alfred Blomely, aged 15, were charged with the murder of their father, George Blomely, on October 21. The facts of the case have already been published, and the medical evidence tendered to day was to the […]

Significant Reward

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ………. 20th of October 2003 A $200,000 was offered to help solve a double murder in Victoria. Istvan (Steve) Gulyas and Duang Chith (Tina) Nhonthachith were killed at their farm in Wildwood Road, Wildwood, northwest of Melbourne, sometime on the 20th of October 2003. Both were shot in the head. Homicide […]

Buried at Fawkner

  ON THIS DAY ………. 20th of October 1999 Gerardo Mannella aged 31 was gunned down in a volley of shots outside his brother Salvatore’s home in North Fitzroy on the 20th of October, 1999. Mannella was chased about 50 metres by two gunmen who waited in ambush for five hours. He was believed to […]

Prison for Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1933   In the Criminal Court today, Mr. Justice Walsey imposed sentence of seven years’ imprisonment with hard labour on Percy Horatio Sydney Barnard, theatre commissionaire, of Cheltenham, for the manslaughter of Percival Smith on October 17. Barnard shot Smith through the heart outside Smith’s home, where Barnard was a […]

Husband Kills Himself

ON THIS DAY – October 14, 1917   Bertha Silk (59), a married woman, was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital late on October 14, with two bullet wounds in the back. She was found lying near the front gate of her home, and later the dead body of Frederick Silk (74), her husband, was discovered […]

Murderess Maria Black

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ……….. 14th October 1915 Maria Black aged 29 was charged at the City Court with having murdered Mabel Weston aged 45 at West Melbourne on the 14th of October 1915. It was alleged that Black went to a house in Capel-street, West Melbourne, occupied by Mrs. Mabel Weston, and her family. […]

Shooting at Transportation Officer Jones

On This Day – October 3, 1907 The circumstances surrounding the shooting of Mr. Samuel Jones, of the Victorian Railways, in Spencer street, 0n October 3, were yesterday inquired into in the City Court, when Joseph Thomas, alais Jos. Thos. Young, was charged with shooting with intent to murder Mr. Jones. The evidence given by Samuel Jones, […]

Death of Senior Constable Moore

ON THIS DAY…… 27th September 1986 At approximately 2.15 am on Saturday, 27th September, 1986 Senior Constable Maurice Moore, was alone in a police vehicle in Brougham Street, Maryborough, when he intercepted a vehicle being pushed along the street, by two men. One man decamped prior to Senior Constable Moore’s arrival. Moore detained the other […]

“I’m Dying”

ON THIS DAY…… 20th September 1982 A 51 year old woman who was robbed and fatally shot on this day in 1982 at her Mordiallioc hardware store raised the alarm by telephoning her husband at home and saying “I’m shot Dick, I’m dying” Mrs Mildred Hanmer was about 2 1/2 metres from the phone when […]

Gardenvale Shooting Affair

On This Day – September 9, 1916 At the City Police Court to-day Alexander McIvor was charged with having shot at Constable Frederick C Furnell at Gardenvale, on September 9, with intent to commit murder. Sub-lnspector O’Brien said that on September 9 Constable Furnell was making some inquiries in Gardenvale. He saw a man on the […]

Murder of Dimitrios Belias

ON THIS DAY…… 9th September 1999 On the 9th of September Dimitrios Bellini was lured to a St Kilda Road car park and was shot in the back of the head by an unknown assailant. It was believed that Bellini owed large amounts of money to some underworld figures but was unable to pay.  He […]