On this day …….. 22nd of December 1923 Madge Bolton, 21 years, was injured at Luna Park on this night in 1923, her forehead being badly cut and her nose smashed and cut, and her forehead requiring 14 stitches. Lorna Eyres got into the water chute boat at about 10.30 pm the seat at the […]


On this day …….. 21st of December 1936 Falling from one of the cars of the ‘big dipper’ at Luna Park, St. Kilda, on this day in 1936, Harry Maltby (22), of Albert Park, was struck by another car and was so severely injured that he died. Maltby, who was accompanied by Vincent Clancy of […]


On this day …….. 14th of December 1935 Arrested in a police raid early in the morning, William Sylvester John Barrett, 22, labourer, of Drummond Street, Carlton, appeared in the City Court charged with having murdered, on or about December 7, William Herbert Irwine York, at St. Kilda. Barrett was remanded to December 23, and […]

Barrett Committed for Trial.

ON THIS DAY – December 7, 1936 The City Coroner Mr. Grant on Friday, committed Sylvester John Barrett labourer, for trial on a charge of having murdered William Herbert Irvine York, 26, tailor of St. Kilda. It was alleged at the inquest that during a street brawl at St. Kilda at midnight on December 7, […]

Murder behind Luna Park

On This Day – December 6, 1938 John Joseph McCarthy aged 45, of Elwood, civil servant, died in hospital on the 6th of December 1938 from injuries received when, it is alleged, he was assaulted in a reserve behind Luna Park. Desmond Patrick Toole a salesman, of Elwood, who was released on bail after having […]


ON THIS DAY – December 4, 1938 Story of Incident In St. Kilda Reserve MURDER FINDING RETURNED While he was gathering bottles about 3.15 a.m. on December 4 in Spencer street, St. Kilda, Claude Fox, rubber worker, of St. Kilda, saw a man grab another man, pick him up and drag him beneath the wires […]


ON THIS DAY – December 4, 1931 Edward Leeming. aged 19 years, salesman, of Bon Beach, was committed for trial on charge of attempted murder. Clarence Holford, commercial traveller, said that Leeming and he had been at St. Kilda on December 4.  Leeming had a revolver, and witness tried to get him to put it […]

Stolen dead cat

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 1930 THIEF’S GOOD DEED Two business girls who share a flat in South Yarra were distressed when they found their pet cat dead. As their ‘yard’ consisted of a square or concrete, they could not give the body proper burial, and they did not like consigning it to the dust […]

Wine Cafe Affray

On This Day – November 3, 1923 Coroner Says “Manslaughter.” Circumstances leading to the death of Victor Clarence Pearce, aged 22 years, married, who was shot on November 3 in a wine cafe in Carlisle street, St. Kilda, owned by Robert George Leslie Blair, and who died at the Alfred Hospital on the following day, were investigated at […]

A Wife’s Plea

ON THIS DAY – October 18, 1955 A WIFE PLEADED ‘KEEP HIM FROM ME …’ Gladys Lester, 26, realised within a week or two of marriage that she had made a mistake. Her married life was one round of bickering and squabbling with a sullen husband who drank too much. There came a time, two […]

River Bunyip seen again – Wentworth

On this day …….. 9th September 1949 The “Murray bunyip” has been sighted again. Mr. Brian Blake, of St. Kilda, who is visiting a relative in Wentworth, South West New South Wales, said he had seen the creature swimming in the Darling River, at the rear of the district hospital. He described it as being […]


On This Day – August 17, 1943 Manslaughter Charge After hearing evidence yesterday, the Coroner, Mr. Tingate, found that Keith Henry Dodd, 37 years, Dalgety-street, St. Kilda, died from injuries received when the bicycle he was riding was struck by a military truck driven by Sydney William Ross Narramore, of 140th A.G.T. Company. Evidence disclosed […]