The St Kilda Murder

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1890 ST KILDA Henry Bennett was charged with the murder of his uncle, George Thomas May, at St. Kilda, on this day in 1890. A plea of insanity was advanced by the defence. Bennett, who is a youth, shot May alleging that he had mistreated his mother, Mrs. Bennett. […]

Asked to be Hanged

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1953 After being sentenced to death for murder in the Criminal Court on this day in 1953, James Robert Walker age 43, told Justice Duffy that he wished to be hanged. However, with a Labour Government in office the sentence will be commuted. Walker was found guilty of having […]

Wife’s Throat Cut, Butcher for Trial

ON THIS DAY ………… 14th March 1933 BRUNSWICK The body of Grace Weston, aged 31, was found in a bedroom of her home on this day in 1933, with her throat cut. John McKenzie Weston, a butcher of Brunswick, was committed for trial by the Coroner, for the murder of his wife. The police alleged […]

The Trial of the Geary’s

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 28, 1854 The trial of Patrick and Margaret Geary for the murder of a shepherd in 1854, was commenced at the Old Court House, Melbourne. Mr Adamson prosecuted on behalf of the Crown, and Messrs Molesworth and Sirr represented the prisoners respectively. The presiding judge was his Honour Mr Justice […]

Killed by a Motor Car

ON THIS DAY – February 11, 1928 ST KILDA JUNCTION Following an inquest into the death of Mrs Beatrice Gibbons (34), of Marlton street, St. Kilda, who was knocked down and killed by a motor car at the St. Kilda junction on February 11, the City Coroner (Mr. D. Berriman) found the driver of the […]

Death Follows Arguement

ON THIS DAY – February 8, 1925 ST KILDA Godfrey Berry, aged 30, a garage manager, was arrested on a charge of murdering Henri Brunet, aged 52, of St. Kilda. On this day in 1925, Brunet called to interview Berry concerning the rent of the garage at St. Kllda. A heated argument followed and the […]

Underbelly killing – Greg Workman

ON THIS DAY – February 7, 1995 Greg Workman was murdered by Alphonse Gangitano, on the 7th February 1995, at 1 Wando Grove, St Kilda. Workman earnt a reputation for himself as man who could dodge danger. As a teenager he clocked up various convictions for assault, burglary, theft, malicious wounding, fire-arm possession, abduction, armed […]

Death at Luna Park

On this day …….. 10th of January 1952 A woman “Wall of Death” rider was fatally injured in a spectacular fall from her machine at Luna Park on this night in 1952. She was Miss Una Langmende, 36, of Neerim Road, Highesdale, a member of a family who perform this act. More than 100 people […]

Death of Louis Probert

ON THIS DAY – January 9, 1954 ST KILDA Louis Frank Probert, 73 of Fitzroy st., St. Kilda, died after being attacked by a woman on this day in 1954. Mr. Burke committed Louisa Chapman, 58, formerly of Fitzroy st., St. Kilda, for trial on a charge of having murdered Probert. He found that Probert […]


On this day …….. 3rd of January 1952 Government investigations will be made at Luna Park, St Kilda, where more than 40 people were hurled from their seats and two were injured in a Scenic Railway collision on Tuesday night. Mrs. Joyce Johnson (22), of Port Kembla, N.S.W., and Phillip Slavin (44), of Union Street, […]

Soldier Murderer

ON THIS DAY – December 28, 1984 A Melbourne Supreme Court jury found a former soldier guilty of the murder of a young Victorian couple whose decomposing bodies were found in the back of a utility in Sydney’s Kings Cross 12 months earlier. Robert Scott Pickford, formerly of Bass Road, Ingleburn, NSW, was found guilty […]


On this day …….. 26th of December 1916 A single man named David Skelly, 26 years, of Albion street, Brunswick, caught one of his feet in the cog wheel of an aeroplane ride at Luna Park on this day in 1916. He was conveyed to the Alfred Hospital, where two of his toes were amputated. […]