OLINDA – Two counts of murder

ON THIS DAY – June 27, 1979 City Court was told that a man alleged to have murdered Miss Lisa Maude Brearley at Olinda on August 8 had been on remand on another murder charge at the time. The prosecutor, Inspector D. Scott, said this in an application for the remand of Mr Robert Lindsay […]

Baby Dead on the Beach

ON THIS DAY – June 24, 1933   At the inquest yesterday on a newly born male child found on the St. Kilda beach on June 24, witnesses gave evidence that the child was born to Irene Williams, 21, single, waitress, on June 23, and that on June 25 the mother was admitted to the […]

Acquitted on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – May 24, 1931 DEATH OF WILLIAM DOIG. When Henry Sheldon, 21, and William Wallace, 21, appeared before the City Court 0n a charges of murder, Detective Frank Lyon alleged that they, in company with another man, took William Richard Doig, 36, commission agent, of Albert Park, to Seaford 0n May 24, […]

Division 4 1969 – 1975

Division 4 was an Australian television police drama series made by Crawford Productions for the Nine Network airing on the 5th of March 1969 and ran till 1975 for 301 episodes. The series was one of the first dramas to follow up on the enormous success of the earlier crime show Homicide and dealt with […]

Fall Down Lift Well Fatal

ON THIS DAY – May 10, 1915 MELBOURNE “Misadventure” was the finding of Dr. R. H. Cole, the Coroner, after holding an inquiry into the death of Samuel Duband, 79, tailor, of Longmore street, St. Kilda. who fell down a lift well at Newman’s Buildings, 25 Swanston street, on May 10. The evidence showed that […]

Escape from the Asylum

On This Day……… 10th April 1912 Kew Lunatic Asylum On this day in 1912, Dennis Birmingham escaped from the Kew Lunatic Asylum. He was a strongly built man, about 6ft. in height, and 41 years of age. Birmingham was found in St. Kilda.    

The St Kilda Murder

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1890 ST KILDA Henry Bennett was charged with the murder of his uncle, George Thomas May, at St. Kilda, on this day in 1890. A plea of insanity was advanced by the defence. Bennett, who is a youth, shot May alleging that he had mistreated his mother, Mrs. Bennett. […]

Asked to be Hanged

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1953 After being sentenced to death for murder in the Criminal Court on this day in 1953, James Robert Walker age 43, told Justice Duffy that he wished to be hanged. However, with a Labour Government in office the sentence will be commuted. Walker was found guilty of having […]

Wife’s Throat Cut, Butcher for Trial

ON THIS DAY ………… 14th March 1933 BRUNSWICK The body of Grace Weston, aged 31, was found in a bedroom of her home on this day in 1933, with her throat cut. John McKenzie Weston, a butcher of Brunswick, was committed for trial by the Coroner, for the murder of his wife. The police alleged […]

The Trial of the Geary’s

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 28, 1854 The trial of Patrick and Margaret Geary for the murder of a shepherd in 1854, was commenced at the Old Court House, Melbourne. Mr Adamson prosecuted on behalf of the Crown, and Messrs Molesworth and Sirr represented the prisoners respectively. The presiding judge was his Honour Mr Justice […]

Killed by a Motor Car

ON THIS DAY – February 11, 1928 ST KILDA JUNCTION Following an inquest into the death of Mrs Beatrice Gibbons (34), of Marlton street, St. Kilda, who was knocked down and killed by a motor car at the St. Kilda junction on February 11, the City Coroner (Mr. D. Berriman) found the driver of the […]

Death Follows Arguement

ON THIS DAY – February 8, 1925 ST KILDA Godfrey Berry, aged 30, a garage manager, was arrested on a charge of murdering Henri Brunet, aged 52, of St. Kilda. On this day in 1925, Brunet called to interview Berry concerning the rent of the garage at St. Kllda. A heated argument followed and the […]