Monster Shark

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1812 A shark was killed off the North Head, Sydney on this day in 1812, the entire length of which measured about seventeen feet and a half. Across the shoulders it measured 21 inches with the mouth, when extended, formed a circle eighteen inches in diameter, which gives a […]

Airliner Lost for 14 Years

ON THIS DAY ……… 21st March 1931 A massive air search got underway, on this day in 1931, following the disappearance of the airliner ‘Southern Cloud’. The airliner had taken off from Sydney at 8am and was expected to arrive in Melbourne at 130pm. Bad weather delayed it’s expected arrival until late in the afternoon, […]

William Harrison Executed

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 18th March 1889 William Harrison murdered John Duggan, on the 30th of May 1888, by dealing him two tremendous blows with an axe which smashed his skull in. A sum of money and bank receipts of £670 were stolen from Duggan’s hut. Harrison stood trial at the Criminal Sittings of […]

Speed Demon

ON THIS DAY ……… 16th March 1917 On this day in 1917, crowds lined the Hume Highway to catch a glimpse of Parsons, the motor cycle champion, who was on his way south to break the record for a trip from Sydney to Melbourne. In 1917 the record stood at 24 hours. Parson set out […]

Crocodile in Wardrobe

On this day ………… 14th March 1935 Margaret Bignall, opened her wardrobe on this day in 1935 and found a 30cm baby crocodile inside. Her parents had a plantation in the Solomon Islands and had brought a crocodile egg with them when they went to Sydney on holidays. They thought it would be a nice […]

Driving in Reverse

ON THIS DAY ……… 12th March 2006 On this day police charged a man with reversing further than necessary, after he drove backwards for more than 40km along one of Australia’s busiest highway. They stopped the 23 year old man on the Hume highway between Sydney and Melbourne as he was heading home to Numurkah […]

The Execution of Long Poy

EXECUTION THIS DAY ……… March 10, 1866 CASTLEMAINE At 10am on the 10th of March 1866, at the Castlemaine Gaol, a Chinaman named Long Poy, was executed for murder. Before the execution, the Rev Mr Allnutt attended the criminal, with James Ah Coy, interpreter of Castlemaine. Long Poy was deeply affected and resigned to his […]

Birth of a Great City

On this day ………… 9th March 1837 As the settlement grew, Governor Bourke sent a Commissioner to report on its development. In the Commissioner’s report he referred to the settlement as ‘Bearbrass’. Following a later inspection, the name ‘Glenelg’ was suggested by the Colonial Secretary. On 9 March 1837, Governor Bourke named the flourishing settlement […]

Granny Smith Apples

On this day ………… 9th March 1870 Granny Smith is a variety of apple with green skin and tart flesh, originating in Australia around 1865 from a chance seedling propagated by Maria Ann Smith, aka Granny Smith. Granny Smith was born Maria Ann Sherwood in Peasmarsh, Sussex, England, sometime in late 1799. The daughter of […]

Settlement at Norfolk Island

On this day ………… 6th March 1788 When the First Fleet arrived at Port Jackson in January 1788, Phillip ordered Lieutenant Philip Gidley King to lead a party of fifteen convicts and seven free men to take control of the Norfolk island and prepare for its commercial development. They arrived on 6 March 1788. Neither […]

First Newspaper in Australia

On This Day – March 5, 1803 On this day in 1803,  Australia’s first newspaper is printed. In November 1800, convict transport ship “The Royal Admiral” brought George Howe to Australia’s shores. Howe was born in the West Indies but was well-educated in classical European literature, and he had extensive printing experience. His original death […]

Knowing When to Die

On this day ………… 27th February 1891 On the 27th of February 1891, the South Australian Register reported on the death in gaol of the Reverend Dr Keating. It appears he knew beforehand that he would soon die in gaol. The Rev. Dr. Oswald Keating, who was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for assault on […]