First Balloon Flight

On this day …….. 13th of December 1858 The first balloon flight in Sydney, Australia, takes place on this day in 1858. The hot air balloon was developed in the 1700s by Frenchman Jacques Étienne Montgolfier, together with his brother Joseph-Michel. Montgolfier progressed to untethered flights until 1783 when he tested the first balloon to […]

Australia’s National Anthem performed for the first time in public

ON THIS DAY…… 30th November 1878 Australia’s National Anthem performed for the first time in public Australia’s national anthem, ‘Advance Australia Fair was composed by Scottish-born composer Peter Dodds McCormick, who arrived in Sydney in 1855, taking up a position as a public school teacher in New South Wales. McCormick was heavily involved in the […]

New record – Sydney to Melbourne by bike

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1929 Record broken The man they called “the human machine”, Hubert Opperman, was in North East Victoria on this day in 1929. Opperman was seeking to set a new record time for a trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The previous best time of 47 hours and 46 mins had been […]

Sydney Girl on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – November 7, 1904 Detective-sergeant O’Donnell and Detective Carey arrested in Canada place— a small street running between Cardigan and Madeline streets, Carlton, Melbourne — a young woman named Maude or Margaret Anne Woods, and charged her with vagrancy. That charge, however, was laid only to secure her identification with a girl named […]

PM breaks arm

On this day ………… 5th November 1898 Mr. Edmond Barton the first Prime Minister of Australia, fell over a heap of road metal on Circular Quay, Sydney and fractured his left elbow and severely wrenched his left arm. The doctors set the limb. He was unable to leave his house for several days.

Australia’s first milk bar opens

ON THIS DAY…… 4th November 1932 Australia’s first Milk Bar is opened Australia’s first milk bar was opened in Martin Place, Sydney, on this day in 1932. Called the Black and White 4d Milk Bar, it was established by Greek migrant Joachim Tavlaridis who later adopted the name “Mick Adams”. The milk bar was famous […]

Fourteen people killed in one of Australia’s earliest train accidents

On this day …….. 31st of October 1894 Opening on 26 September 1855, the New South Wales railway, Australia, was the first government-owned railway in the British Empire. The first line ran the 22km from Sydney to Parramatta. By 1862, the western line had reached Penrith. The railway continued to expand, reaching Albury in 1881, […]

False teeth save mans life

On this day …….. 17th of October 1950 A man’s false teeth saved him from being killed by a bullet near Woollahra golf links, Sydney, on this day in 1950. Police found Beverley Graham Solomon’s shattered teeth on the grass near where they discovered him crawling along a footpath with blood pouring from his mouth. […]

Triple winner

On this day …….. 17th of October 1903 Racegoers at the Moorefield meeting in Sydney on this day in 1903, were witness to a freak occurrence when the main race of the day ended in a triple dead heat between three horse High Flyer, Loch Lochie and Barinidi. The race was re run and amazingly […]

Australia’s first traffic lights – Sydney

On this day …….. 13th of October 1933 On Friday the 13th of October 1933, Australia’s first traffic lights were turned on in Sydney. It was another 32 years before the nation’s capital, Canberra, received its first two sets of traffic lights, on 23 October 1965.  

Ladies hair on fire

On this day …….. 5th of October 1946 While walking though Martin Place in Sydney, on this day in 1946, Ann Anderson thought that a bee had got caught in her hair when she heard a buzzing sound from the top of her head. It was only when a bystander pointed out smoke coming from […]

Sydney’s Luna Park opened

On this day …….. 4th of October 1935 Sydney’s Luna Park opened to the public on this day in 1935. The current Luna Park Face was based on the enormous smiling faces at Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia and Steeplechase Park in the United States, Luna Park’s 9-metre-wide (30 ft) smiling face, as well as its […]