False teeth save mans life

On this day …….. 17th of October 1950 A man’s false teeth saved him from being killed by a bullet near Woollahra golf links, Sydney, on this day in 1950. Police found Beverley Graham Solomon’s shattered teeth on the grass near where they discovered him crawling along a footpath with blood pouring from his mouth. […]

Triple winner

On this day …….. 17th of October 1903 Racegoers at the Moorefield meeting in Sydney on this day in 1903, were witness to a freak occurrence when the main race of the day ended in a triple dead heat between three horse High Flyer, Loch Lochie and Barinidi. The race was re run and amazingly […]

Australia’s first traffic lights – Sydney

On this day …….. 13th of October 1933 On Friday the 13th of October 1933, Australia’s first traffic lights were turned on in Sydney. It was another 32 years before the nation’s capital, Canberra, received its first two sets of traffic lights, on 23 October 1965.  

Ladies hair on fire

On this day …….. 5th of October 1946 While walking though Martin Place in Sydney, on this day in 1946, Ann Anderson thought that a bee had got caught in her hair when she heard a buzzing sound from the top of her head. It was only when a bystander pointed out smoke coming from […]

Sydney’s Luna Park opened

On this day …….. 4th of October 1935 Sydney’s Luna Park opened to the public on this day in 1935. The current Luna Park Face was based on the enormous smiling faces at Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia and Steeplechase Park in the United States, Luna Park’s 9-metre-wide (30 ft) smiling face, as well as its […]

Man shot by dog

On this day …….. 3rd of October 1950 Arthur Walder from Narromine in New South Wales, was accidentally shot by his own dog while rabbit shooting on thus day in 1950. Walder, 23 was sitting in his parked truck 10km from town, when his dog jumped into the cabin and hit the trigger of his […]


On this day …….. 29th September 1920 The 7th Prime Minister of Australia Mr W. M.Hughes met with an accident, fortunately unattended by serious consequences, on this day in 1920. The Prime Minister was riding with a member of his staff in Centennial Park, Sydney. Setting his horse at a gallop, Mr Hughes left his […]

The first performance in Sydney Opera House

On this day …….. 28th September 1973 The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, sits on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour. Designed by Danish architect Joern Utzon in 1955, it has become one of the most famous performing arts venues in the world. Utzon arrived in Sydney to oversee the project in 1957 and work […]

Explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell wins the last official duel – New South Wales

On this day …….. 27th September 1851 Sir Thomas Mitchell was Surveyor-General of New South Wales and the explorer who discovered “Australia Felix”, or “Happy Australia”, which was the rich land of western Victoria. As well as being well-known for his immense contribution to exploration, Mitchell is less-known for fighting the last known duel in […]

Aboriginal hero Yarri, honoured with a headstone – 1852 Gundagai floods

On this day …….. 27th September 1990 The town of Gundagai is located on the Murrumbidgee River 390 km south-west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Australian explorer Hamilton Hume, together with immigrant William Hovell, were the first Europeans to visit when they passed through the area in 1824, and their expedition subsequently opened up […]

Known As The Man They Could Not Hang

On This Day ….. 26th September 1803 Joseph Samuel was born in England and later transported to Australia after committing a robbery in 1801. Samuel then became involved in a gang in Sydney and robbed the home of a wealthy woman. A policeman who had been sent to protect her home was murdered. The gang […]

General Booth arrives in Wangaratta

On this day …….. 25th September 1891 Wangaratta’s small but enthusiastic Salvation Army community turned out on this day to see their beloved commanding officer General Booth at the Wangaratta Railway Station. The General, who was on his way to Sydney, had time only to lean from his carriage as the train passed the station […]