Chinese Sent to Gaol

On This Day ……. 29th June 1911 On this day in 1911, Ah Loy, a Chinese, who resided in Geelong appeared on remand at the City Court on a charge of having in his position four tins opium. Ah Loy was sentenced to Geelong Gaol.

Guilty of Fraud

On This Day ……. 28th June 1901 A solicitor named Joseph Henry Grey has been found guilty of fraud at Geelong, and sentenced to five years gaol.

Birregurra Police Court

On This Day ……. 27th of July 1913 At the Birregurra Police Court on this day in 1913, a young man named Roy Thomlinson, arrested in Geolong, was charged with larceny of £10 from H. A Brady. a local hotelkeeper. He pleaded guilty, and the bench, sentenced him to two months’ imprisonment at Geelong gaol.  

Larceny at Shelford

On This Day ……. 27th June 1910 John McDonald were taken from the Geelong Gaol to Ballarat on this day in 1910 to stand trial at the Supreme Court for alleged larceny at Shelford.


On This Day ……. 26th June 1908 The Public Works department has approved of specifications for renovating and painting the governor’s quarters at the Geelong gaol, and other minor works in the gaol will be attended to at the same time.  


On This Day ……. 24th June 1913 A valuable black Orpington pullet, nine months old, was stolen from a pen of birds belonging to Mr Tames Heyward, son of the senior warder at the Geelong gaol. It was securely housed. A reward of £3 was guaranteed by Mr Heyward for its recovery, and for the […]

Geelong Girl’s Death – Three Women Convicted of Murder

On This Day ……. 23rd June 1910 In the Criminal Court before Mr Justice Hood, and a jury, the trial was concluded of Elizabeth Downey, Clara Pennington, and Minnie Long, who were charged with murdering Isabella Nelson McCallum, on the 7th of May last. Mr Maxwell addressed the court on behalf of Mrs Downey, and […]

Breaking Windows

On This Day ……. 21st June 1902 Mr. Patterson, P.M., and Mr. H. Banhister, J.P., visited the Geelong Gaol to dealt with a prisoner named Arthur Cleghorn, who was undergoing a sentence for breaking a number of windows in Melbourne, on three charges, namely, disobeying orders, riotous conduct, and assaulting Warder Barker. The prisoner was […]

Nine Months in Gaol

On This Day ……. 20th June 1911 A vagrant from the Sale district who had been on remand at the Geelong Gaol for a week, appeared before the bench at the Police Court. Superintendent Charles stated that the man was in a shocking state of health, and suggested that he should be returned to gaol […]

Lemonade Bottle Used as a Missile

On This Day ……. 19th June 1907 A notorious character named Thomas Taylor was charged at the Police Court with throwing a missile to the damage of J. P. Sheridan, licensee of the Sir Charles Darling Hotel, Bellerine street, on this day in 1907. Evidence was given that Taylor, when refused with a drink, seized […]


On This Day ……. 18th June 1910 Stephen Maher who was some time back fined for drunkenness by the Geelong West magistrates and failed to meet the payment within the stipulated time, but left the district; was on this day in 1910 seen and arrested at North Geelong, by Constable Stewart on a warrant of […]


On This Day ……. 17th June 1903 The police magistrate and Mr. M’Millan, J.P., attended the gaol, and dealt with two prisoners who during the past week attempted, to take their own lives. One, who endeavoured to hang himself, was considered to he irresponsible, and was discharged. ‘ The other, who tried to cut “his […]