18th Prime Minister of Australia

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1900 Sir John McEwen was born in Chiltern, on this day in 1900. His father died in 1907 and consequently McEwen was raised by his grandmother with her sister. He was educated at state schools and at 15 became a junior public service clerk. He enlisted in the Army […]

Prime Minister in Swimming Accident

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1967 The 17th Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Harold Holt, arrived in Singapore on this day in 1967 with his left foot bandaged following a minor swimming accident. Mr Holt told guests at a Government dinner in his honour that he cut himself on rocks at Portsea, Victoria, during […]

Miner Scalp

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892 A miner named Alfred Rogers, residing at Ironbark, whilst working in the stopos of the Golden Age mine at Bendigo Victoria on this day in 1892, sustained a painful injury. A slab came away accidentally and struck him on the head heavily. Dr. Thomas was called to the […]

Rolling a Beer Barrel

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1940 Jack Flakhead from Daylesford, Victoria, won a wager of £25 on this day in 1940 by rolling a beer barrel from Old Hepburn to Daylesford, a distance of 6km, in one hour and 12 minutes.    

Escape From Ararat Lunatic Asylum

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1883 David Chalmens was committed to Ararat Lunatic Asylum on the 14th of July 1869, by his brother Alex Chalmens. Chalmens was a Black Smith for the Port Phillip Mining Company in Clunes. On admission Chalmens was described but the Medical Superintendent Dr William Armstrong as Convalescent. Chalmens escaped […]

New Lighthouse at Point Lonsdale

ON THIS DAY ……… 20th March 1902 The new £2252 lighthouse at a Point Lonsdale, mouth of Port Philip Bay, Victoria was lit for the first time on the evening of the 20th March 1902. The 24 metre high lighthouse had been under construction by builder George Coate for about 14 months. When the foundations […]

Level Crossing Accident at Chelsea

ON THIS DAY ……… 19th March 1913 A sensational accident has occurred at a level railway crossing. William Page, a vegetable hawker, aged sixty five, was crossing the line near Chelsea station, Victoria when his waggonette was crashed into by a train. He was killed instantly.    

Escape from Geelong Gaol

On this day ………… 15th March 1930 William Hartwell 30 years of age and a prisoner at the Geelong Gaol, Victoria, made an attempt to escape on the this day in 1930. While a warder’s attention was diverted Hartwell managed to climb over the wall and make a run for freedom but was recaptured before […]

Serious Mining Accident at Stawell

On this day ………… 15th March 1881 A sad accident happened on this day in 1881, at the A 1 Perthshire Company’s claim, Stawell, Victoria to a tributor named John Bevan. Bevan was working at the face of the reef, 12 feet thick, getting away stone from the headwall. For this purpose two shots were […]

Death by Onion

On this day ………… 14th March 1864 A very melancholy accident occurred on this day in 1864 to the infant child of John Williams, a shepherd at Digby, western district of Victoria It appears that the little fellow had been roasting onions at the hut fire and carrying them outside to eat them; it is […]

Serious Cycling Accident

On this day ………… 14th March 1905 Miss Elsie Mollenhaner, aged 16, residing at Norwood Hill, Castelmaine, Victoria met with a serious cycling accident on this day in 1905. When travelling past Fitzgerald’s Brewery, at Winter’s Flat, at a good rate of speed, a young chinaman named Louey Shang, who was riding in the opposite […]

Fighting Hill Massacre

Massacre on this day …………. 8th of March 1840 On this day in 1840, the Whyte brothers, who had arrived in the western district of Victoria, in 1837, were involved in the massacre of an estimated 30 Aboriginal people, (although later statements put the number of dead as high as 69). An understanding of this […]