The Last Executions in Australia

Executions in Australia were abolished by most of the states in the 1960s – 1980s, excepting Queensland who had abolished the death penalty in 1922. Queensland’ final execution was that of Ernest Austin on 22nd September 1913. Austin was executed for the rape and murder of 12 year old Ivy Mitchell near Sanford.  He was […]


On This Day ……. 22nd May 1916 A strange premonition happened in Swan Hill, Victoria to Mr Robert Henry Athorne, farmer aged 47, who was run over by his wagon, and died on this day at the Swan Hill Hospital. In March Athorne dreamt that he would meet with a fatal accident, which he took […]


On This Day ……. 21st May 1905 Mrs. Ann Mullen died at Williamstown, Melbourne Victoria on this day in 1905, at the great age of 107 years and 2 months. Mullen was born in 1803.

Matlock Police – 1971 – 76

Matlock Police was an Australian television police drama series made by Crawford Productions for the 10 Network between 1971 and 1976. The series focused on the police station and crime in the Victorian town of Matlock and the surrounding district, and the backgrounds and personal lives of the main policemen. The series was the 10 […]

Australia’s first horse-drawn railway line – South Australia

On this day …….. 18th May 1854 Victoria is generally accepted as the first place in Australia to have had a completed railway line. The first steam train in Australia made its maiden voyage on the 12th of September 1854, running between Flinders Street and Sandridge, now Port Melbourne. However, the first railway ever to […]


On This Day ……. 12th May 1891 A heavily beard male lunatic, escaped from the Ararat Asylum, Victoria on the 12th of May 1891. After scaling the wall the man walked down the drive way and past the gate keepers house and onto the railway line. The man wandered along the railway line in the […]

Living In Sin

On This Day ……. 8th May 2013 Marjorie Hemmerde, 106, Enjoys ‘Living In Sin’ With 73-year-old Boy Toy, Gavin Crawford. Marjorie Hemmerde is dating a man 33 years younger, but no one is accusing her of robbing the cradle. Hemmerde is 106 and her “boy toy,” Gavin Crawford, is 73. The two have managed to find […]

Lost tooth

On This Day ……. 6th May 1931 On this day in 1931, after having pulled out one of her teeth, Ilma Causon aged 9, from Ballarat, Victoria thoughtlessly stuck it in her ear. When it could not be removed, she was admitted to hospital where the tooth was recovered under anaesthetic.  

Selling Ones Coffin

On this day …….. 22nd of April 1906 On this day in 1906, the unique spectacle of a man selling his own coffin at auction entertained a crowd of people in Wangaratta, Victoria. J.R Wood from Milawa put up his coffin for sale because he was leaving the area. He was a carpenter by trade […]

A Centenarian

On this day …….. 16th of April 1892 Mrs. Rebecca Spurting, who lives at Hawthorn, completed her hundredth year. She was born at Curston Hall, Norfolk, on April 15, 1792, while she and her family arrived in Victoria in 1848. Her father lived to within three months of the same age. Mrs. Spurling has had […]

Easter at Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 13th April 1925 The vacancy at the gaol that was caused by the retirement of Chief Warder Desmond has been the appointment of Senior Warder McGann, of Pentridge, who has commenced duty at Geelong, Victoria. The Easter arrangements were observed during Good Friday by clergymen who visited the gaol. Some prisoners […]

Mystery Solved

On This Day ……. 12th April 1923 After remaining a mystery for more than, 30 years the solution of the method by which the convict Frederick Clark escaped, from Geelong gaol in 1889 has now been found. A larger brass key was discovered while prisoners were clearing the grounds of the Geelong Supreme Court. It […]