Royal visit to North East Victoria

On This Day ……. 17th May 1901 Tremendous excitement in North East Victorias on this day in 1901, as preparation was made for the progress by the Duke and Duchess of York travelling though to Sydney the following day. Spontaneous welcomes were planned at railway stations where brief glimpses of the Royals could be expected. […]

Floods in North East Victoria

On This Day ……. 16th May 1974 The flood danger which everyone hoped had passed, was renewed, when floods swept down the One Mile Creek though Wangaratta, North East Victoria. Residents had to evacuate their homes, as unprecedented levels of water were recorded at Wangaratta on this day in 1974. One house along the creek […]

Week of celebrations

On this day……. 5th May 1901 There was great excitement in North East Victora, in site of it being a Sunday, as the whole district looked forwarded to the week of celebration involving a Royal Visit to Melbourne, and the opening of the first Federal Parliament. Already the week, 60 passengers had left by special […]

Population Turned Out

On this day …….. 25th April 1919 The whole of Wangaratta’s population turned out to welcome home the troops from overseas. A grand procession made it’s way though the streets, under the commemorative arches, led by the highly regarded band from St Augustine’s Orphanage in Geelong. The procession included 20 light horsemen, 75 returned men, […]

Selling Ones Coffin

On this day …….. 22nd of April 1906 On this day in 1906, the unique spectacle of a man selling his own coffin at auction entertained a crowd of people in Wangaratta, Victoria. J.R Wood from Milawa put up his coffin for sale because he was leaving the area. He was a carpenter by trade […]

First White Lady

On this day …….. 16th of April 1839 Lady Franklin, wife of the Tasmanian Governor, passed though the area that would later be known as Wangaratta on this day in 1839. Lady Franklin was travelling over lady between Melbourne and Sydney, becoming the first white lady to do so. Her party spent the night at […]

Pensioner Killed – Accused Admits Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – April 15, 1931 CARLYLE Charged in the Supreme Court at Wangaratta on this day in 1931, with the murder of Andrew Alexander Laidlaw, (aged 62 years), invalid pensioner, at Carlyle, near Rutherglen, on April 15, Francis William Longmore, labourer, pleaded not guilty. Later counsel announced that Longmore would plead guilty to […]

Dead body on public display

On this day …….. 12th of April 1865 The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan was the centre of attention in Wangaratta on this day in 1865. In response to many request, his body was put on public display in one of the police cells. Someone took a fancy to Morgan’s bushy beard, and it was flayed […]

The Faithfull Massacre

On this day …….. 11th of April 1838 Benalla On the 11th of April of that year a party of some 18 men, in the employ of George Faithful and William Faithfull, were searching out new land to the south of Wangaratta. Then, in the vicinity of, or possibly on, the present townsite of Benalla, […]

Wangaratta Train Derailment

On This Day……… 8th April 1983 A train fully laden petrol tankers was derailed 12km North of Wangaratta, and surprisingly the train did not explode. The incident renewed concerns about the danger of highly flammable materials and chemicals being transferred though heavily populated areas.    

Bushranger Morgan

On This Day……… 8th April 1865 On this day in 1865, bushranger Dan Morgan arrived at Peechelba Station near Wangaratta and held up a homestead. He demanded good and entertainment, and settled down for the night, holding the occupants of the homestead hostage. On the pretext of seeing a crying baby, one of the station […]

Bushranger on the Move

On This Day……… 7th April 1865 The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan had heard that the Victorian Police had challenged him to try his luck south of the NSW boarder, which he took up the offer. On this day in 1865, Morgan visited Evan Evans to settle an old score in the King River. Hearing the […]