On this day …….. 14th of December 1949 Francis Blair, 34, a dangerous criminal lunatic, who escaped on the 14th of December 1949 from Beechworth Mental Hospital, was recaptured in a Barber’s shop in Wangaratta on the 21st. He had gone into a barber’s saloon to have a shave, and was recognised by his long […]

Biggest earth tremor in Victoria

ON THIS DAY…… 21st November 1982 The biggest earth tremor ever recorded in Victoria The biggest earth tremor ever recorded in Victoria shook the state on this day in 1982. Registering 5.5 on the Richter Scale, and centred on Mt Hotham in Victoria, the tremor struck at 10.36pm, and was felt as far away as […]

The Wangaratta Child Murder

ON THIS DAY – November 15, 1892 The Governor-in-Council, acting on the advice of the Cabinet, commuted the death sentence passed upon the young woman Mary Fitzgerald, by Mr. Justice Hood, to imprisonment for three years with hard labor. The prisoner was found guilty at the Benalla sessions of the murder of her newly-born child […]

New record – Sydney to Melbourne by bike

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1929 Record broken The man they called “the human machine”, Hubert Opperman, was in North East Victoria on this day in 1929. Opperman was seeking to set a new record time for a trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The previous best time of 47 hours and 46 mins had been […]

1906 Melbourne Cup

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1906 Melbourne cup arrives in Wangaratta It was not as fast as modern TV, but it was still fast enough to amaze the locals in Wangaratta, North East Victoria. On this day in 1906 Dan Barry’s World Wide Wonder Show was able to screen the running of the 1906 Melbourne […]

First Traffic Lights in Wangaratta

On this day …….. 17th of October 1973 On this day in 1973, traffic lights in Wangaratta were turned on, on the intersection of Murphy and Reid st intersection.  

Pony murders violent owner

On this day …….. 7th of October 1910 Jack Carodini met his death on this day in 1910 in a lagoon near the Ovens River at Wangaratta, Victoria. In a drunken state, Carodini had cruelly beaten and stabbed his pony while riding home. In it’s death throes, the pony, still carrying Carodini, jumped into a […]

Murder of Atlas

ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1869 Although old in appearance, Richard Atlas who also went by the alias of Ham and Eggs, was only 37 at the time of his death. Having lived in Wangaratta for 14 years, it is believed that Richard had inherited some £7000 and had previously travelled to Europe before he […]

Near miss for Tom Thumb

On this day …….. 15th September 1870 The celebrated American Dwarf General Tom Thumb arrived in Benalla, North East Victoria on this day in 1870 with his troupe of fallow dwarfs, after a narrow escape from flood waters. Tom and his party had been almost swept away by a swollen river at Baddaginnie. How ever […]

Murdered By Her Sister

ON THIS DAY…… 6th September 1887 In the case of Mrs. Mepham, charged with the murder of her sister (Mrs. Pike), at Wangaratta, the Judge summed up, in a speech, lasting two hours, entirely against the prisoner. The jury brought in a verdict of guilty with a recommendation to mercy. His Honour, in passing sentence […]

Bunyip Sighting – Mildura

On this day …….. 5th September 1949 A strange creature reportedly seen in the Murray River, Mildura on this day in 1949, may have been a trained seal or sea-lion. One escaped from a travelling menagerie in Wangaratta about two years earlier, and was believed to have slipped into a river.  

Mother and Daughter Murdered

ON THIS DAY …….18th August 2001 On 18 August 2001, at approximately 3am, Lloyd Crosbie sat awake watching a movie. His girlfriend Melissa Maahs lay sleeping beside him in the couple’s bed. Without warning, Crosbie removed a skinning knife from a scabbard and proceeded to stab his girlfriend three times to the head while she […]