Airliner Lost for 14 Years

ON THIS DAY ……… 21st March 1931 A massive air search got underway, on this day in 1931, following the disappearance of the airliner ‘Southern Cloud’. The airliner had taken off from Sydney at 8am and was expected to arrive in Melbourne at 130pm. Bad weather delayed it’s expected arrival until late in the afternoon, […]

Speed Demon

ON THIS DAY ……… 16th March 1917 On this day in 1917, crowds lined the Hume Highway to catch a glimpse of Parsons, the motor cycle champion, who was on his way south to break the record for a trip from Sydney to Melbourne. In 1917 the record stood at 24 hours. Parson set out […]

Answer the phone

On this day ………… 9th March 1904 Great excitement was received in Wangaratta on this day in 1904 when the Telephone exchange opened. It had been wanted earlier, but the postal authorities had a policy of not providing an exchange unless there were fifteen subscribers for a day service and twenty five if a day […]

Around the World

On this day ………… 8th March 1934 On this day in 1934, Leonard Farwalker arrived at Wangaratta. Farwalker was riding his bicycle around the world, and had already travelled through North America, Europe, Africa, Russia, Siberia and China. Farwalker’s bicycle drew almost as much attention as the adventurous cyclist himself. Hanging on his bike was […]

Fatal Air Accident

On this day ………… 7th March 1929 An airforce aircraft crashed and incinerated a mechanic during a refuelling stop at Wangaratta, on this day in 1929. The plane was flying from Richmond, NSW to Point Cook, Melbourne and made a routine landing. The local manager for Vacuum Oil, Mr N. McGuffie delivered 12 gallons of […]

Closure of the Criterion

On this day ………… 4th March 1970 Closure of the Criterion Hotel in Wangaratta happened on this day in 1970, to make way for a Coles supermarket. It had been a favourite drinking hole for a wide variety of people over the years, from Jim Kelly (Ned Kellys brother) to Sergeant Steel.    

Earthquake in North East Victoria

On this day ………… 27th February 1868 As earthquake go, it wasn’t all that big, lasting only four or five seconds, but there was much shaking of building and rattling of crockery and a distant rumbling, on this day in 1868. The shock waves, which appeared to move in a north to south direction, were […]

Attempted Murder Of Policeman

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 22, 1931 Charged with the attempted murder of Constable Hutchison at Whitfield, North East Victoria, on the 22nd February, Joseph McFarlane, 38, a rabbit trapper was remanded by the City Court, Wangaratta. The prosecuting officer alleged that Constable Hutchison tried to arrest McFarlane, the latter grabbed a gun and shot […]

Death of Sergeant Steele

On this day ………… 9th February 1914 One of the great heroes, or villains depending on ones point of view, of the Ned Kelly Gang Outbreak of the 1870s, died on this day. Sergeant Arthur Loftus Maule Steele from Wangaratta, Victoria, secure a place in history by firing the shot that brought Ned Kelly down at […]

Public Cremation

On this day …….. 23rd of January 1930 Gourdet Singh an Indian Hawker from Moyhu, in North East Victoria, died on this day in the Wangaratta Hospital. His body was taken to the Wangaratta Common off Greta Rd and placed on a pyre of sandalwood, anointed with the contents of a box of butter, and […]

Ned Kelly Brought Home

On this day …….. 18th of January 2013 133 years after he Ned Kelly was executed at Old Melbourne Gaol, Kelly was buried with his mother in the Greta Cemetery in North East Victoria. was hanged. Up to 300 family members and hundreds more members of the public attended a requiem mass for Australia’s most […]


On this day …….. 29th of December 1911 John Harding escaped from Wangaratta gaol on this day in 1911. He was committed for trial at the local court on a charge of stealing £9 from Geo. Cover, and was locked up in gaol pending removal to Beechworth. In the afternoon he was missing. It was […]