imageA prisoner, named Percy Ramage who is serving along sentence for violently assaulting a policeman in Melbourne, is not making his lot any more pleasant by repeated breaches of gaol discipline. He has been frequently dealt with in the local gaol and elsewhere by the visiting justices, he was sentenced to six months in irons by the police magistrates for successive exhibitions of violence, during which he damaged Government property, and for creating disturbances. The sentence is concurrent with that which he is undergoing.


The wife of a naturalised Australian was committed for trial by City Coroner on a charge of having murdered her husband, Sebastina Maddalon aged 40, on the 30th November 1942. Maddalon an Italian born draper of Newport, at South Yarra. May Florence Maddalon aged 27, wife of the dead man, had been separated from her husband for nearly two years before she murdered him.


At the Melbourne City Court two men named Francis Fortius and James Davis were charged on the 30th November 1924 with the murder of Almeida. Another man, who fired the shot escaped.

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A coronial investigation into the alleged baby murder at Frankston was held to-day. Margaret Chrosier, the mother of the dead child, her mother, Janet Chrosier, and her two sisters, Janet and Jane, were present in custody charged with murder. The medical evidence proved that the child had lived about an hour. Death was due to fracture of the skull and laceration of the brain. Statements by Mrs. Chrosier and Jane, who is only 13 years of age, were read. Jane confessed that a month previous to the birth of the child it was arranged that it should be killed as soon as it was born, so that nobody should know anything about it. Jane made this suggestion and her mother and Margaret agreed. When the child was born Mrs. Chrosier said ‘Take it away and kill it.’ Jane did so, chopping it straight down with a spade. Hugh Taylor (a brother-in-law) denied that he was the father of the child. Samuel Chrosier, aged 8, stated that he knew nothing of the affair, but a statement he made was put in, and that was to the effect that he had seen his mother give the baby to Jane, telling her to take it away and kill it. Jane took it into the garden and struck it twice with a spade. Three or four days before the child was born Taylor told witness’s father that he was the father of it. The coroner declared that there was nothing in the evidence to connect Taylor with the alleged crime. The jury found Jane Chrosier guilty of murder, and the others accessories before the fact The four were committed for trial



Squizzy_Taylor_1924Squizzy Taylor (Leslie Taylor) appeared before the City Court on the 29th of November 1923 on charges of having aided and abetted Angus Murray and Richard Buckley to murder of the Glenferrie Bank Manager Mr. Berriman.




Manslaughter Charge Fails.

Dr. David Rosenberg, a well-known practitioner at Richmond, appeared at the Criminal Court on Friday, before the Chief Justice, having been committed from the Coroner’s Court on a charge of manslaughter, arising out of the death of a child, 5 1/2 years of age, named Ruby May Clementine Kerrison, daughter of John Ernest Kerrison, of Tennyson street, Richmond, such death, it being alleged, having resulted from accused’s negligent driving of a motor car. Mr T. C. Brennan prosecuted for the Crown, and Mr. G. A. Maxwell and Mr C. H. A. Eager appeared for the defence, The case for the prosecution was that at 5.30 p.m. on November 29 accused drove his car under the railway viaduct near the Richmond railway station at a speed of about 15 miles per hour. The roadway beneath the bridge is in deep shadow and the Crown contended that such a speed was it was said accused maintained at that point was highly dangerous to pedestrians. In this instance the child, whose parents live close at hand, was crossing the roadway and was knocked down. Accused was hailed by persons in the vicinity, and promptly pulled up, and took the child into a nearby chemist’s shop where he examined her, and rendered what immediate aid was possible, afterwards removing: her to the Children’s Hospital, where she died shortly after admission.  Accused giving evidence on own behalf, denied that he was driving at the rate alleged, and asserted that the car was travelling at only a moderate pace. There was very little traffic, and when his car. entered the shadow of the bridge he was able, by reason of the bright daylight at the exit, to see that he had clear passage. He did not see the child, and was unaware that an accident had occurred until he was hailed by some four passengers. When he examined the child he found that she had sustained an injury to her face and head, and he found, also, that the lamp bracket on the fore part of car was bent, indicating that it was that portion by which she was struck, There were no injuries indicative of the child having been run over by the wheels. Thomas Lowe, 10 years of age, said he witnessed the accident. The car was travelling at a moderate speed. The child when he first saw her, was standing on the kerb. As the car approached, she started to cross the road, hesitated when in the centre, and was knocked down. The jury, after half an hour’s retirement, returned a verdict of not guilty, adding a rider to the effect that it was desirable that at such dangerous points warnings to motorists should be placed. Accused was discharged, and his Honor intimated that the rider would be brought to the notice of the proper authorities.



A young returned soldier who is alleged to have chased and threatened to kill his former fiancee with a Japanese Samurai sword, was committed for trial in the Fourth District Court yesterday.  Charles Francis Wright (22) docker and painter. Spencer St., West Melbourne, was charged with having entered a dwelling by night with intent to commit a felony. Mr Addison, P.M., committed him to the Supreme Court on December 9 with bail of £50 and surety for the same amount.  Greta Marie Watkins, porteress, Parliament Pl., East Melbourne, to whom Wright was once engaged to be married, broke down while giving evidence and wept bitterly. She said that at 11.15 p.m. on November 29, as she was walking in Parliament Pl. Wright grabbed her by the arm and said, “I want to take you to a beautiful spot to see the Crucifix.” She refused to go with him. Wright said. “I will come back with a couple of hand grenades and I will kill you.” Later as she was sitting outside the guest house she saw Wright coming down the stairs with something in his hand. As he chased her she ran into Gisborne St. He yelled. “I’ll get you.” She ran about 200 yards before she heard someone call “stop” and a shot was fired. Wright pleaded not guilty and reserved his defence.

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An inquest on the body of the five months old child, who died from a dose of spirits of salts, administered by its mother, Ellen McNabb, was formally opened today. The latter was present in custody, charged with murder.


Drops Murder Charge

Following the finding by Coroner Burke, PM, yesterday that Joseph Patrick Turner, 29, of Abbotsford, had acted in self-defence because he feared he was in danger of serious bodily harm, police in the City Court today withdrew the charge against Turner of having murdered George Edward Barrett, alias John Hedley Paul, 36, of Parliament Place, City, at Fitzroy on November 28.