A coronial investigation into the alleged baby murder at Frankston was held to-day. Margaret Chrosier, the mother of the dead child, her mother, Janet Chrosier, and her two sisters, Janet and Jane, were present in custody charged with murder. The medical evidence proved that the child had lived about an hour. Death was due to fracture of the skull and laceration of the brain. Statements by Mrs. Chrosier and Jane, who is only 13 years of age, were read. Jane confessed that a month previous to the birth of the child it was arranged that it should be killed as soon as it was born, so that nobody should know anything about it. Jane made this suggestion and her mother and Margaret agreed. When the child was born Mrs. Chrosier said ‘Take it away and kill it.’ Jane did so, chopping it straight down with a spade. Hugh Taylor (a brother-in-law) denied that he was the father of the child. Samuel Chrosier, aged 8, stated that he knew nothing of the affair, but a statement he made was put in, and that was to the effect that he had seen his mother give the baby to Jane, telling her to take it away and kill it. Jane took it into the garden and struck it twice with a spade. Three or four days before the child was born Taylor told witness’s father that he was the father of it. The coroner declared that there was nothing in the evidence to connect Taylor with the alleged crime. The jury found Jane Chrosier guilty of murder, and the others accessories before the fact The four were committed for trial