Thank you to the group who joined Madam in a rather noisy Chinatown this evening!  Nothing like 60,000 protestors to set the mood!  But we all survived and finished our exploration of the most dangerous street in the colony!!  I did so enjoy your company! ~Madam12299902_10207356944823879_1349527378_o

Have a look at our Pinterest board of famous faces we met at Monster Fest this year

Monster Fest 2015 – Famous Faces


Melbourne Murder Tours had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors for the World Premiere of Scare Campaign, filmed at the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum! We had a great night putting many people into a straight jacket and putting them under control of Nurse Nicky, Nurse Nancy and Lunatic Audrey! We even managed to get some quite famous faces into the straight jacket, including Butch Patrick (The Munsters)!


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum


We are into the final few day of Beechworth Ghost Tours with our final tours being held on Saturday 28/11/2015. If you have bookings with us past 30/11/2015, please contact us to make arrangements for your bookings.

We would like to thank all those who have passed through the gates of the Asylum and joined us on tours in the past 7 years. Without you, we would not be what we have become today. What started as a small idea has grown to the Asylum being a world reknown location. We say thank you to all of our staff both past and present.

We wish the new owners every success and all the very best for the future.

While we are sad to be finishing up at the Asylum, Twisted History will still be conducting tours at Geelong Gaol and in Melbourne’s Chinatown and Carlton. You can keep up with us at or any of our facebook pages at Twisted History, Geelong Gaol Ghost Tours or Melbourne Murder Tours

Death Mask of Fatta Chand

Death Mask of Fatta Chand



A revolting murder is reported as having occurred at Mount Riddle, three miles from Healesville, where the naked trunk of a man has been discovered, slightly covered with earth and boughs. It was found beside the bank forming a waterhole in a paddock belonging to Mr. Steel, J.P. The body was terribly mutilated, as if with a tomahawk. The severed limbs were found under a hut about 300 yards from the body, which is supposed to be that of an Indian hawker. From appearance the body had been dead about a week. The Government have offered £50 reward for the arrest of the Hindu hawker named Fatta Chand, who is suspected of the murder of a fellow country man named Mull at Healesville. On the 30th of November Fatta Chand was arrested eighteen miles from Geelong while having tea. He had proceeded by steamer from Melbourne to Geelong, evidently to make his way up country.


Murder charges dropped

Charges against Thomas Gerald Buckley, 40, of Droop st, Footscray, and Clarence Gordon McGlynn, 38, of Moore st, Footscray, of having murdered Malcolm Appleby at Footscray on November 27, were struck out in the City Court yesterday. An open finding was recorded at the inquest on Monday.



Albert James Barter, aged 44, was committed for trial on a charge of murdering Mrs Catherine Lanson, aged 68, his mother-ln-law in Melbourne on the 8th November 1924. Mrs Lawson was killed by blows from a tomahawk. Barter was sent to Geelong gaol, so he could be mentally examined.

Mount Alexander Diggings

Mount Alexander Diggings



George Dyer, self-accused, after the lapse of 13 years of a murder committed in 1857 on George Wilson, was tried at the Castlemaine Circuit on Tuesday, on the capital charge. Although the prisoner retracted his confession made in England, shortly after he had made it, there can be little doubt of the truth of the main portion of it but one part of it left it doubtful whether he had killed Wilson in self-defence or not. Taking his own statement and the other evidence, the facts were that in November 1857, Dyer and Wilson were mates at the Mia-Mia diggings. Wilson was suddenly missed, and soon afterwards prisoner left the place, taking with him the tent. He then went to live at a place now called Vaughan, about seven or eight miles from Newstead. To a person named Sinclair there he said he had just come from the Mia-mia and besides his own statement, this was the only evidence that Wilson was ever at Mia-mia, one of the witnesses who proved this at the Police Court and who was to prove it on Tuesday, had disappeared since the Police Court investigation, and could not be found. A few days after Dyer left the Mia-mia a body was found in a waterhole about 60 yards from where it was supposed his tent was pitched. It was not then identified. But an examination of it showed that the jaw had been fractured as if by a spade or axe handle, and in the back part of the skull were several large holes, as if caused by a pick. It was these, and not the fracture of the jaw, that caused death. The inference, therefore, was that Wilson had been first stunned by the blow on the jaw, and then killed by such an instrument as a pick. The body, it was contended, need not be identified as Wilson’s for the confession and the other evidence were sufficient to justify an inference that it was. The prisoner defended himself, and asserted that he must have been labouring under an hallucination when he made the confession; that he never was at Mia-Mia. He had a recollection of being partner with George Wilson for a short time, but he denied having quarrelled with him. The judge left it to the jury whether the prisoner, even if he committed the act, was guilty of murder or manslaughter, and the jury after deliberating an hour and a half, found him “Guilty” of the lesser offence. He was sentenced to eight years hard labour.


In the Divorce Court on this day in 1902, James Stokes, aged 56, sued for a divorce from Priscilla Stokes (48), the ground of, desertion. Petitioner stated that he was a warder at the Geelong Gaol at the time he married respondent, and at the time of his marriage he was a widower with three children. There were three children by the second marriage, and his wife and he frequently quarrelled over the way the latter was bringing up his family. On one occasion respondent told him that she could not understand why she married an old fellow like petitioner.

Mary Dean murder - 5 addison street elwood

5 Addison Street, Elwood – Where Mary Dean was murdered

Mary Dean Murder - laneway opposite

The laneway opposite where Mary Dean’s body was found



Having worked with little success on the theory that jealousy was the motive for the murder of Miss Mary Dean (aged 25 years), school teacher, at Elwood, on Friday morning, the police are now seriously considering the possibility of the outrage having been committed by a pervert, who had been attacking women and girls in the Elwood district. This person, who is said to operate mostly after midnight, has assaulted two other women in streets near the scene of the attack on Miss Dean. On July 21 a man also assaulted a young woman in the front garden of a house almost opposite the home of Mrs. Dean, the mother of the murdered girl, in Milton-street. In all cases the attacker has caught his victim by the throat, and in some instances has torn off her stockings. These features of the offences are regarded as important by the police. They point out that one of Miss Dean’s stockings was removed and tied round her throat. From the description given by persons who have been attacked at night at Elwood recently the police are of the opinion that the assault had been committed by one man. The fact that he is still at large is causing serious concern in the Elwood and neighbouring districts.




Dr. Bothamley, charged with the murder of Dr. Loughnan at Carlton on November 25, was to-day further remanded for a week, bail being extended on the same conditions, defendant reporting daily to the police.

A Chinese in the Geelong Gaol, named Ah Lee Goon, who was transferred some time, ago from the Melbourne Gaol on account of mental weakness, has developed into a violent lunatic. On this day in 1902, two magistrates attended at the local gaol and committed the Celestial to a lunatic asylum.