A jury in the Criminal Court to-day found Thomas Henry Kirwin, 55, of Koo Wee-Rup. not guilty of the murder and alternatively manslaughter of his brother, Francis Frederick Kirwin ,37, whose body was found in a cowshed at Kirwin’s farm on November 14. 1944. He was discharged by Mr. Justice Gavan Duffy.

Henry Thomas Kirwin, 24, of Koo Wee-Rup, son of Thomas Henry Kirwin, who had appeared with his father, had previously been found not guilty on a charge of murder and manslaughter.


Body Recovered from Yarra.


Mysterious circumstances surround the death of Eric Watkins, aged 22, whose body was found in the Yarra on November 13.

Watkins boarded a train at Adelaide on November 6 and was not seen alive afterwards, nor was his luggage found. The police ascertained that he got in association with a number of train “crooks,” who got about £15 from him. It is presumed he is a victim of foul play, and that the body was thrown into the river Yarra close to Spencer-street station.

Aerial view of the crime scene of the Wiseman murders

Glenroy Murder

Aerial view of the crime scene of the Wiseman murders

‘It might well be that when the murderer entered the house no thought of murder was in his mind end that his motive was one of stealing.’ This theory was put forward to-day by the Crown Prosecutor (M’. F. Book), at the trial of a chimney sweep (George Green, 38) who pleaded not guilty to having murdered an aged woman and her niece. The victims were Annie Wiseman (62) and Phyllis Wiseman (17), who were found strangled in their lonely home at Glenroy on November 13.

Detectives examining crime scene

Detectives examining crime scene

‘Two innocent, inoffensive women were killed in their own bedrooms, apparently by a man who intruded into the house some time during the night to steal,’ said Mr. Book, ‘but it ‘s clear from the evidence that he did not hesitate to kill both women in the course of the commission of that criminal offence.’ The trial is part heard.


Double Murder Case

On a charge of having murdered Annie Constance Wiseman, 62, and her niece, Phyllis Wiseman, 17, at Glenroy, on November 12, George Green, 42. of West Heidelberg, was remanded in the City Court to-day to December 19. Miss Wiseman and her niece were found strangled in Miss Wiseman’s home on November 13. The inquest into their deaths will be held on December 19.