12346699_220950038236132_54273387_nIn the bush at Olinda, in the Dandenong Ranges, the police early found the body of a 19-year-old girl. She had been throttled, and a mark on the back of the head indicated that she had either fallen on a sharp stone or had been struck. Letters found beneath the body gave police a clue to the name of the girl, Iris Lorna May Jeffries, of Ross st, South Melbourne. A phone call to Belgrave police from a man who said he was at Olinda Post Office caused PC Bentley to hurry to Olinda., “I have just killed a girl,” the caller ls alleged to have said. When Bentley reached the post office he was met by a youth. Together they walked along Ridge-road about quarter of a mlle from Mt. Dandenong Hotel, where they came upon the body of the girl. She had been dead some hours and her clothing had been saturated by rain. She was clothed except for the skirt which lay alongside. She had been seen for almost a fortnight in the ranges with a young man whom she met at Luna Park, in St. Kilda. They moved from one township to another, staying some nights at guest houses and others sleeping in the bush. On the afternoon of the 10th of December 1944 Daniel Ainslie Sutton 19, married seaman, of Stockton, NSW, was arrested on a charge of murder.