At 6.30 pm Ah Tune returned to the house of William Braslin, where he stoked up the kitchen fire, took meat from the pantry and began to cook. Braslin entering the kitchen asked him what he was doing, to which Ah Tune replied “making supper”. William then told him to get out of his house. Ah Tune, took the pot off the fire and threw it into the back yard and left. Returning later that evening Ah Tune found Braslin to be drunk and lying on the floor. Ah Tune walked over to his Victim and began to kick William violently. Christina, Braslins wife tried to stop Ah Tune only to be punched in the face. After the attack Ah Tune went back outside, collected his meat, washed it and began to cook again. Ah Tune was found guilty of the murder of William Braslin in Beechworth’s Chinese Camp in 1914. At first Tune was sentenced to death, but was later changed to 10 years hard labour. He spent part of his sentence at the Geelong Gaol.