Henry Cutmore had been imprisoned for 12 months in May 1901 on a charge of begging and disorderly conduct. Cutmore said at his trial that he would be better off in gaol. Cutmore was born in1821 and was known as the “Fire King” because he had a habit of setting fire to the grass stacks of anyone who he had a grudge against! On the 2nd November 1901, Cutmore had been lined up outside of the infirmary waiting his turn for treatment at around 1.30pm. Warder Edwin Coy deposed that Cutmore must have slipped up the stairs unobserved to the third floor landing. He also observed that Cutmore was behaving normally. Coy witnessed Cutmore hanging by his hands from the balcony of the third floor. Cutmore suddenly let go and “fell onto the rail of the bottom balcony on his descent to the floor”. This was a distance of about 22 feet (about 6.7m). Dr Croker deposed that Cutmore when he was admitted to gaol in May was suffering from Old Age, Debility, Rheumatism, Umbilical Hernia and Enlargement and disease of the collar bone! Dr Coker saw Cutmore again about 5 minutes after his fall. He reported that he was suffering from a collapsed state, that both eyelids were contused, a contusion on his right temple which was very swollen and broken right elbow. He was removed to the Gaol hospital where Cutmore complained of abdominal pain and paralysis of the bladder. Cutmore appeared to improve slightly but then passed away at 6.20am on the 5th November 1901. The official cause of death was shock of injuries after a fall.