On this day …….. 1st of January 1879

Great excitement was found in Bendigo on this day in 1879, when a pet tiger escaped from his private cage. The owner, allowed his children to play with it, so that familiarity with the animal led the children to sometimes leave the cage open. On see his opportunity, as the youthful tiger had finished his dinner, which consisted of raw beef, finding his cage door open, he came out for a sunning. Soon he jumped the garden fence; afterwards espying a goat, he cautiously followed, sprang at it, and quickly devoured the poor animal. The warm blood of the goat having given a filling to his appetite, he started for other plunder of a like sort. He went down View-street, and when at the reserve gate beside the survey office saw a perambulator with a baby in it going through the wicket. He sprang at the child, but the nurse girl instantly got the vehicle through the gate. The tiger, enraged at its quarry’s escapee, started growling most furiously. The strange sounds soon brought a lot of dog who barked and large gathering of people, one man with a gun shot and killed the tiger.