On this day …….. 24th of January 1936

Warder McDonald who was on duty in No. 3 tower at Geelong gaol on the 24th of January 1936, prevented the escape of three prisoners from No. 5 exercise yard. The warders suspicions were aroused by the actions of the three men, and he made an immediate report to the Governor of the Gaol, Mr N E Tuohill, who sent a number of wardens to the yard. The wardens found that the mortar between a number of bricks in the wall had been gouged out and the openings filled with a mixture of moistened bread and mortar dust. One of the prisoners attacked a warder, striking him with a board, as well as biting and kicking him. The three men were sentenced to a further four months’ imprisonment, and the man who assaulted the warder to a further three months. All three prisoners were sent to Pentridge to complete their sentences.