ON THIS DAY – January 26, 1892

A telegram from Nathalia states that a fearful tragedy was enacted at Yalca North, about 14 miles from there, when Robert Brown, a farmer, was shot dead by his brother John Brown, who then committed suicide. Information having been brought to Nathalia Constable Murcuit and Dr. Ellison went to the house. They had to break open the door, which was locked, when they found the two men dead, each lying in a pool of blood. A ploughman in the employ of Robert Brown says he heard a shot fired in the house this morning, and on going to see what was the matter saw Robert lying on the floor with a gunshot wound in the back, the brother having fired at him whilst he was sitting at breakfast. The brother John then seemed sorry for what he had done, and sent the workman for assistance after placing the wounded man on a bed. When a medical man was approaching the house two shots were heard, and when the police and medical man entered it was found John Brown had shot his brother a second time, the bullet entering his head and killing him instantly. John Brown then fired at his own head, and was killed immediately. A dispute about the farm is supposed to have been the cause of the tragedy.