On This Day – January 28, 1936

At the city watch house, Herbert Nelson Lane was charged with having murdered James Taylor. It was stated that about 8pm on this day in 1936, a taxi-cab drew up at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and a man who gave his name as Hill, of Collingwood, carried another man in from the taxi. Both, were covered with blood, and the second man was bleeding from terrible wounds on the arms, chest, and back, and collapsed and died 40 minutes later. Hill told the police that Taylor’ had received his injuries in a yard at the rear of Don’s Billiard Saloon at Colllngwood. Evidence was given that Taylor and Lane had been drinking on the afternoon of the tragedy. It was also stated that Taylor had a reputation of being a bully when he had had drink and that he did not need much liquor to make him want to start a fight. Taylor was known as the “knock-down man of Collingwood.” There were people In Collingwood who would cross the road rather than meet Taylor.