On This Day – January 28, 1911

The Seymour Court was crowded when the five railway workmen were arrested for the murder of Arthur Ernest Lupton on this day in 1911. Patrick Carmody, Frederick Carmody, William Payne, William Armstrong, and John Henry Prout were charged at Wallan, for unlawfully and wilfully, and with malice aforethought, and murder Arthur Ernest Lupton. The men were remand to the Melbourne court. The court heard Colonel Campbell, roadmaster, and Mr. Bennie, paymaster of the Victorian Railways, visited Seymour this morning and paid off the four men who had previously been employed by the department at Wallan. The men left rather hurriedly without waiting for the money due to them. The coroner found that Lupton died from a fracture of the skull due to a blow on the head feloniously struck by Frederick Carmody, and with the aid, encouragement, and countenance of the four other men. Carmody was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to two years at Pentridge gaol.