On this day …….. 29th of January 1996

On this day in 1996, researchers using the radio telescope at Parks Observatory in NSW, though they had found proof of alien life when hey picked up a distinctive radio signal at 2.3 to 2.4 gigahertz every evening around dinner time. They later discovered that the signal was coming from the microwave oven downstairs.



On this day …….. 29th of January 1947

David Henry Ecketts, 32, broke out of Beechworth reformatory prison on this day. Ecketts was serving a two and a half years’ sentence for four counts housebreaking and stealing, larceny of a bicycle, and larceny from a dwelling. He was sentenced in April, 1945. He is described: 5ft 8in, brown hair, grey eyes, slight build. Has scars on the right wrist and nose, and both little fingers are deformed. DAVID H. ECKETTS Anyone knowing his whereabouts should notify the nearest police.



On This Day – January 28, 1962

A Joel Teicher aged 26, appeared in the City Court charged with having murdered four people in Collingwood on this day in 1962. Teicher, a former storeman and packer, from Collingwood murdered Joseph Teicher, 61, income tax consultant and interpreter, his wife, Mrs. Assunta Teicher, 45, Lorenzo Picone, 20, son of Mrs. Teicher by a previous marriage, and Tervito Lo Presti, 17, a migrant girl boarder. The four were found shot dead in their house in Johnston Street. Each person shot five times. The charged man was Joseph Teicher’s son by a former marriage. Many migrants packed the City Court for the brief hearing.



On This Day – January 28, 1936

At the city watch house, Herbert Nelson Lane was charged with having murdered James Taylor. It was stated that about 8pm on this day in 1936, a taxi-cab drew up at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and a man who gave his name as Hill, of Collingwood, carried another man in from the taxi. Both, were covered with blood, and the second man was bleeding from terrible wounds on the arms, chest, and back, and collapsed and died 40 minutes later. Hill told the police that Taylor’ had received his injuries in a yard at the rear of Don’s Billiard Saloon at Colllngwood. Evidence was given that Taylor and Lane had been drinking on the afternoon of the tragedy. It was also stated that Taylor had a reputation of being a bully when he had had drink and that he did not need much liquor to make him want to start a fight. Taylor was known as the “knock-down man of Collingwood.” There were people In Collingwood who would cross the road rather than meet Taylor.



On This Day – January 28, 2006

William John Watkins, murdered and raped two sisters Colleen (23) and Laura Irwin (21) in their Altona North home in 2006. Friends discovered their bodies lying side by side on Laura’s bed. In 2007, the coroner found that the girls neighbour William John Watkins had raped and stabbed them to death. Three days later Watkins was shot dead by WA police after being pulled over and an altercation occurred


On This Day – January 28, 1911

The Seymour Court was crowded when the five railway workmen were arrested for the murder of Arthur Ernest Lupton on this day in 1911. Patrick Carmody, Frederick Carmody, William Payne, William Armstrong, and John Henry Prout were charged at Wallan, for unlawfully and wilfully, and with malice aforethought, and murder Arthur Ernest Lupton. The men were remand to the Melbourne court. The court heard Colonel Campbell, roadmaster, and Mr. Bennie, paymaster of the Victorian Railways, visited Seymour this morning and paid off the four men who had previously been employed by the department at Wallan. The men left rather hurriedly without waiting for the money due to them. The coroner found that Lupton died from a fracture of the skull due to a blow on the head feloniously struck by Frederick Carmody, and with the aid, encouragement, and countenance of the four other men. Carmody was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to two years at Pentridge gaol.



ON THIS DAY – January 28, 1934

At the inquest at Maryborough into the death of Henry George Vincombe, aged 59, of Red Lion, near Talbot, the Coroner found that he had been feloniously murdered by his brother, William Vincombe. Vincombe was committed for trial at the Supreme Court at Ballarat on February the 11th. Bail was refused. Henry George Vincombe was fatally shot while riding his horse in a lane near his home on the 28th of January. William Vincombe was confined to Lake Side lunatic asylum in Ballarat.



ON THIS DAY – January 28, 1926


Martin Rueben Knopp, formerly a cook on the steamer Ashridge, was charged with having wilfully murdered Martin Sydney Richards (38) at Collingwood on January 28. The story told in court was that on the night in question Richards, who was in the habit of visiting Knopp’s house during Knopp’s absence, called at the place and after an argument put Knopp out of the house, which he then re-entered with Knopp’s wife and shut the door. Knopp later returned with a revolver. He threatened his wife, but she went on her knees to him and she then ran away. As Knopp entered the house several shots were heard. Later in the street Richards was picked up dead. Detective Harding read a statement made by Knopp in which he admitted having shot Richards. Knopp was found guilty and sentenced to be executed, however it was commuted to 11 years in gaol.


In 1987, the Alice Springs police station received a call from a frightened family. The family had stopped for a cup of tea after a morning of rabbit hunting. Then a huge ape like creature, two meters tall and covered in hair, leapt out of an empty water tank and began walking towards them. The family fled to their truck and the creature ran after them before disappearing into the bush. The man, Frank Burns believed it was a man however the women, Phyllis Kenny, told the press she could tell the difference between man and beast and this was definitely a beast. The following day police searched the area and found a man, 203 centimetres tall weighing a estimated 127-159 kg sitting naked by the roadside. The man was then taken to a local mental hospital.



In April 1933, 68 per cent of West Australians voted in favour of seceding from the Commonwealth of Australia. However, they needed permission from the British Parliament before they could officially become a new country. Meanwhile, Australia’s Federal Parliament under Prime Minister Joseph Lyons was arguing that Britain should not interfere in Australian politics. The end result was that Britain never made a decision. Consequently, Western Australian remained part of the Commonwealth.



On this day …….. 28th of December 1989

A month after an earthquake, Ellen Head reported to the media she had been 90% blind for three years before a devastating earthquake in her home town of Newcastle on this day in 1989, killing eleven people. At the time of the earthquake Ellen was sitting at home with her husband. Afterward the 84 year olds eyesight was largely restored. “My eyes just opened wide during the two or three seconds the quake was on”, she explained. “All of a sudden, everything was perfectly clear”. While her vision was not perfect, she was able to read large print books again.



On this day …….. 28th of January 1942

An inquest was held on this day in 1942, into the death of two men who were hit by an aircraft in a paddock outside Benalla. The aircraft, was making an emergency landing, after experiencing engine trouble. The men were two farmers, George Forshaw and Russell Fleming. At the time, they were fighting a bushfire, together with two policemen. The two policemen were injured. The inquest return a verdict of accidental death.