ON THIS DAY – February 17, 1913

On the 17th of February two bodies were found in this Little Gratten lane way in Carlton. James Rawlings who was found with his throat cut and beside him the decapitated body of Alice Hudson nee Rawling. In Rawlings right hand was the girls head. Rawlings was found to still be live and was rushed to Melbourne Hospital, were he recovered from his injurers and was escorted to gaol and charged with the murder of his niece. The motive of the crime was that of jealousy, Rawlings had traveled to Melbourne with Hudson on the hope of romance, as his wife had died, however Hudson had fallen in love with Henry Joseph Leighton and had agreed to be engaged. This alown was enough for murder. James Rawlings, who was awaiting trial for the murder of Alice Hudson strangled himself with his belt in his gaol cell taking his own life.