On This Day –  28th March 1926

George Gerald Clarkson, who was arrested at the Geelong races by Constable Carey on 3rd of March, on a charge of having stolen £12 from the pocket of a patron of the races named Lim Kee, has disappeared. He was liberated on bail from the Geelong gaol on this day in 1926, to appear at the police court on 12th March.


ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1934

The residents of Myrtleford, North East Victoria, turned out on this day in 1934, to see Mrs L. Diffey, wife of the district parliamentarian cut the ribbon outside the Myrtleford power station. The town then watch in ore as electric power to the town was officially turned on.



ON THIS DAY……….. 28th of March 1899

Alice Maud Jepson, wife of Johann Christian Jepson a lighterman, was arrested by Constable Harris of Yarraville, on suspicion of having murdered her son Francis Norman Jepson, aged seven years. Jepson was brought before Messrs Warner and Gallant J.P.s at the Footscray Police Court. The accused appeared to be fairly well composed and chatted cheerfully with her husband, who sat beside her. Sub-inspector Oliver appeared for the police and sought a remand to the Port Melbourne Court. Constable Harris gave formal evidence of the arrest, and accused was then remanded to appear at Port Melbourne on the 6th of April. Mr Jepson is anxious to correct an impression that his wife had for some time been an inmate of a lunatic asylum. He denies this absolutely. He declares that his wife was “the best wife ever a man had.” She had just told him, he added, that “their boy was now dead. She was sure he had gone to Heaven, and would be exalted. Jepaon was found guilty of the murder of her son by wilfully drowning him at Fisherman’s Bend in the Yarra.


ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1908

Whilst cycling down a hill on the Castlemaine Rd, Melbourne a young man named Clifford Jubber fell, and as he was carrying an axe at the time, he could not make any effort to save himself. The right side of his face was badly lacerated, the skin being torn away from the bottom of the eye, and the bone laid bare. He also suffered other painful injuries.



ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1855

On March 28, 1855 Captain Coleman’s son was taken by a shark after falling overboard from the sailing ship Sobella near Port Wakefield, on Gulf St. Vincent. Witnesses saw a shark swim by with the young boy’s body in its jaws. This was the first recorded shark attack in South Australia.



ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1853

For a wage, a man named Wright drunk two pints of rum at a Hobart public house on this day in 1853. He won the bet, but died shortly afterwards.




Our Investigators we use a range of trigger devices to entice Spirit to come and communicate with them and in addition, to manipulate our equipment. Here is a couple of devices being triggered on site; locations include the East Wing stairs, the condemned man cell, the Gallows trapdoor and the creepy kitchen which doubled as the morgue site in the early days. You can see our Teddy and EMF detector being manipulated, the teddy had a wet hand from an external source, Isabella our Porcelain doll gets her arm moved, hair lifted, dress pulled, she is moved from her original location and on a couple of instances her untied shoelaces were retied when we left her there in the dark alone to be played with, to our surprise upon our return to collect her! We have also experienced the Teddy, as we carry him around by his arm, the other arm lifts to be horizontal in stance as if an unseen force has lifted his hand and holding onto it as we wander the hallways.

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1910

On this day in 1910, at 3am Leong Chang a young Chinese market gardener, while driving along St. KiIda Rd, Melbourne to market, was attacked by a young man. As he was passing the military barracks, the man jumped up into the cart and told him to stop the horse and then asked for some vegetables. The Chinaman refused both request, where apon he was dealt a savage blow which knocked him off the wagon onto the roadway. The wagon was heavily laden, and one of the wheels passed over his legs, breaking one at the thigh. A cabman drove the Chinese to the constable on duty at Princes Bridge, who had him taken to the Melbourne Hospital, where he was admitted.



ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892


On this day in 1892, Mrs. Gallon, who was in charge of the railway gates at Sebastian, Bendigo, Victoria was knocked down by a tricycle and sustained a dislocation of the hip.



ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892

A miner named Alfred Rogers, residing at Ironbark, whilst working in the stopos of the Golden Age mine at Bendigo Victoria on this day in 1892, sustained a painful injury. A slab came away accidentally and struck him on the head heavily. Dr. Thomas was called to the mine and found that he had a severe scalp wound, which rendered him insensible for some time. The blow had also caused concussion of the brain.



ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1926

Arthur Abel Angove, employed as a groom at Glenloth Station, near Wycheproof, was found not guilty of the murder of James McDonald, a fellow employee, on the 27th of March and was discharged. It was alleged that following an altercation at the station on the morning of March 27 between McDonald and the wife of the accused, McDonald had pushed the lady to the floor of the hallway and dragged her by the legs to the kitchen before forcibly placed Mrs. Angove’s head under a water tap whereupon the accused had shot him. Before being tried in the Bendigo Supreme Court, Angove was housed in the Wycheproof police cells (now at the Swan Hill Pioneer Village).


ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1908

George Littleton, aged 19, whilst working at the Union Woollen Mills, Geelong on this day in 1908, was caught in the belting. His right upper arm was dragged in, and the bone being badly broken, with the flesh badly lacerated. Considering the manner in which the poor lad was entangled in the shafting, his escape is little short of miraculous.