On this Day – April 18, 1875

Ararat Lunatic Asylum

An inquest on the body of Aaron Thomas, an inmate of the Ararat Lunatic Asylum, who was killed by another inmate named Fitzgerald on Sunday, says the Advertiser, was held on Tuesday by the coroner. Fitzgerald is described as an unusually muscular and powerfully-built man, and with the short stout stick which he had torn from the sun-shade to effect his purpose with might have felled a bullock. One of the attendants stated that he saw Fitzgerald a few minutes before the attack, that he looked then to be quite composed, and he (the attendant), having occasion to go to another part of the yard, soon after heard a noise among the patients, and on running to the place he found Thomas lying dead, from the blow which had been inflicted. When Fitzgerald was asked why he had killed the man he spoke of having made the earth and received the Fathers’ love, but nothing intelligible could be got from him. A verdict was returned in accordance with the evidence.