EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 27, 1891


On this day in 1891, the execution of Fatta Chand took place for murdering his Hindoo partner, Juggo Mull, near Healesville in November last, took place within the Melbourne gaol. The condemned man on finding he could not accomplish his purpose of cheating the gallows by starving himself, partook of food voluntarily. Mr Gilbert Smith, interpreter, states that when he saw Chand he was perfectly resigned to his fate, and said in his native tongue “I will go to the scaffold like a man and not like a woman.” There was an unusual number of spectators at the execution, including 30 policemen, private individuals and representatives of the press. Shortly before ten o’clock the sheriff demanded Fatta Chand’s body from the governor of the goal in the usual manner, and the condemned man, who looked lank and lean, on being bound, marched on to the scaffold with firm step. The governor of the gaol asked him if he had anything to say, whereupon he replied through an interpreter “No I have nothing more to say. I did not kill the man. I am not guilty. I am not guilty.” The cap was then drawn down, the rope adjusted and the bolt drawn, death being instantaneous. It was feared that Chand’s reduced weight would not have broken his neck. None of his countrymen were present at the carrying out of the sentence. Before Fatta Chand was taken to the gallows he told Mr Smith, intetpreter, that after death he would become a wanderer on earth. He requested that his parents be informed that he died from cholera, and that his body had been burned.