On This Day – June 28, 1975

On June 28, at 4.45pm, Terry left the Avoca post office where he was playing Monopoly with a friend. He was running 15 minutes late for his ride home.  That 15 minutes cost him his life.

Three witnesses, all locals, saw a fawn-coloured panel van that afternoon. One saw the van stopping in front of Terry as he waited on the coroner of Birdport and Barnett streets; another saw the van on the side of the Pyrenees Highway out of town with Terry standing at the back of it.

A third witness, a nurse driving home from work along the highway, saw the van turning into Box Flat Track, the road that leads to a mine shaft where Mr Floyd believes his brother’s body was dumped.

Raymond Jones, a convicted pedophile, who was on bail for indecently assaulting a boy in a Ballarat toilet block at the time, owned a fawn-coloured panel van and has admitted being on the same highway, travelling from Avoca to Maryborough, at the time.

Jones, who is believed to be living in northern Victoria, has previously denied any involvement in the disappearance.

This case is still unsolved