Join us this coming Tuesday (July 5) night at 6pm at the historic Blackwood Hotel for dinner, cemetery tour and and investigation of one of the most haunted hotels in Victoria!  Booking can be made by calling 1300865800

But as for the Blackwood Cemetery ….  this is a letter to the editor from 1877 highlighting some of the difficulties of grave digging at Blackwood!!


To the Editor of the Courier

Sir – Permit me, through your columns, to draw tot he attention of the trustees of the Blackwood Cemetery (if there are any) to the disgraceful scene that occurs on nearly every occasion an internment takes place.  No matter old or young, large or small, the body has to lie alongside the grave while the grave is made larger, not withstanding ample notice given to the gravedigger.  A child was buried this afternoon, six year of age, and the coffin on being lowered, stuck, and had to be hauled up again, while one of the followers of the corpse had to take off his jacket and with pick and shovel made the grave larger.  The bereaved parents and friends were compelled to stand by while this was being done.  Surely, Sir, the sad necessity that takes us to the cemetery to lay the remains of a loved one in their last resting place, is harrowing enough without being aggravated by having to stand by while the grave is made larger.  Trusting your insertion of this will prevent any future occurrence of the like blundering – I remain yours truly


Barry’s Reef, 11th June