On this day …….. 1st of June 1850

The Swan River colony, established on Australia’s western coast in 1829, was begun as a free settlement. Captain Charles Fremantle declared the Swan River Colony for Britain on 2 May 1829. The first ships with free settlers to arrive were the Parmelia on June 1 and HMS Sulphur on June 8. Three merchant ships arrived 4-6 weeks later: the Calista on August 5, the St Leonard on August 6 and the Marquis of Anglesey on August 23. Although the population spread out in search of good land, mainly settling around the southwestern coastline at Bunbury, Augusta and Albany, the two original separate townsites of the colony developed slowly into the port city of Fremantle and the Western Australian capital city of Perth. For the first fifteen years, the people of the colony were generally opposed to accepting convicts, although the idea was occasionally debated, especially by those who sought to employ convict labour for building projects. Serious lobbying for Western Australia to become a penal colony began in 1845 when the York Agricultural Society petitioned the Legislative Council to bring convicts out from England on the grounds that the colony’s economy was on the brink of collapse due to an extreme shortage of labour. Whilst later examination of the circumstances proves that there was no such shortage of labour in the colony, the petition found its way to the British Colonial Office, which in turn agreed to send out a small number of convicts to Swan River. The first group of convicts to populate Fremantle arrived on 1 June 1850. Between 1850 and 1868, ultimately 9721 convicts were transported to Western Australia. The last convict ship to Western Australia, the Hougoumont, left Britain in 1867 and arrived in Western Australia on 10 January 1868.

ON THIS DAY – June 1, 1936


Arnold Karl Sodeman 39 was hanged in the Pentridge Gaol this morning for the murder of June Rushmer, aged 6½ years, at Leongatha, on December last. Asked by the Sheriff whether he had anything to say, Sodeman replied: “Nothing, sir.” He walked to the scaffold, apparently unmoved. His last words to the Governor of the Gaol last night were: “I am glad it is nearly over.” Sodeman confessed to the murders of three other girls during the last five years. He had not wanted a reprieve because of the fear that if he lived he may have committed more murders. Sodeman spent a good deal of yesterday playing draughts with Edward Cornelius, who is under sentence of death for the murder of the Rev. Cecil in Fitzroy in November of last year.

On this day …….. 1st of June 1903

Walter Sovereign former warden at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum now a wood cutter. Sovereign was camping not far from Bright, North East Victiria, on the 1st of June 1903 and while boiling a billy in tho darkness after work he was surprised to find a man standing behind him. The man was wearing only a canvas bag and had no shoes. Several questions were put by Sovereign to the man who gave no intelligent continually muttering ‘ Knife” Murder and when asked questions answer simply repeating the words after him . On Sovereign picking up a knife for fear of being attacked the man disappeared in the forest. Police have since scoured the country without finding any trace of the man. He is believed to be one of two escaped lunatics.

ON THIS DAY – June 1, 1941

Charged with the murder of his wife, Beatrice May Stroud, aged 16 years and 10 months, Albert Edward Stroud, 20, of Wellington st. Collingwood, appeared before Sir Frederick Mann, Chief Justice, and a Jury in the Criminal Court yesterday.

In opening the Crown case, Mr. C. H. Book, KC, said that the accused had married his wife on December 21 last year. At that time he was In camp, but obtained leave for some days. After the marriage, they lived for a time with Mrs. Humphrey, mother of Mrs. Stroud, at St. Andrews, near Hurstbridge. Then they went to Mr. Whittick’s house in Wellington st., Collingwood. Stroud had told Mrs. Humphrey that if he ever saw his wife talking to another man except himself he would shoot her. On June 1 the Stroud’s were the only people In the house, as the Whitticks had gone away for the weekend. That morning accused stopped a motorist and asked him to take his wife to the hospital, as she had been accidentally shot. She died from severe internal hemorrhage due to a bullet wound.

After witnesses for the Crown had given evidence, accused gave evidence on oath. He said that up to June 1 he had never threatened to shoot his wife. On the morning of June 1 he got out of bed and went to the front room and got the rifle. His wife came into the room. He went to the dressing table and got a bullet, and she saw him put It in the rifle. He had hold of the stock and she took hold of the barrel, He went to drag the gun away from her. He told her it was loaded, and might go off.

He dragged it away from her and it swung her down on the bed. He had a finger on the trigger and one on the barrel. As he took the finger off the hammer it went off. He did not intend to shoot her, or shoot at her.

Stroud would be acquitted of all charges.

60 years of Australian TV

For the return of Offspring, we will share filming locations around, Fitzroy and Collingwood. Nina’s 2nd house is filmed on location at 4 Emma St, Collingwood.
Offspring is a multi-award winning Australian television drama/comedy series which premiered on Network Ten on 15 August 2010. Offspring is centred on 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman and her family and friends, as they navigate the chaos of modern life. It is filmed in Melbourne’s inner north. The show mixes conventional narrative drama and comedy with flashbacks, graphic animation and fantasy sequences. Debra Oswald wrote the series with John Edwards and Imogen Banks producing with Southern Star Entertainment. Offspring was originally conceived as a two-hour telemovie for Ten, but was spun off into a 13 episodes series after television executives were impressed by the quality of the telemovie. The second season began on 16 May 2011, with a double episode premiere. Offspring was renewed for its fourth and fifth seasons on 12 July 2012. On 3 October 2014, John Edwards confirmed that Offspring would not return for a sixth series in 2015, due to Ten’s cost-cutting measures in its production division. On 30 August 2015, the Herald Sun reported that a sixth season of Offspring would be made – returning after a two-year hiatus. On 20 September 2015, Ten confirmed that Offspring would return for a sixth season in 2016. Production for the series will begin on 25 April 2016 and will run through to June 2016. Most of the cast will be back, although it has been reported that John Waters, who plays Darcy Proudman, is one exception, at least during early production. Two new cast members are reported to be Underbelly: Razor cast-member T. J. Power as lawyer Will Bowen and Love My Way star Dan Wyllie as Dr Angus Freeman.