ON THIS DAY – June 28, 1842

Charles Ellis (alias Yanky Jack), Martin Fogarty , Daniel Gepps (Jepps) and Jack Williams, were raiding farm houses and robbing people around the Dandenong area, when it became too hot there they moved over to the Plenty River area. They made a raid on Campbell Hunters house on the Plenty river. They made a mistake and stayed to have breakfast, and the Law caught up with them. Gang member Jack Williams was shot dead by Oliver Gourlay, after a hand to hand fight. After the gun battle that lasted one hour , Ellis, Fogarty and Jepps surrendered and all 3 were hanged on the hill beside the Old Melbourne Gaol north of Melbourne. All  4 buried together.

On This Day – June 27, 1934

Charged with having murdered Daniel George Robinson, a trapper, on June 27, 1934, Albert James McKenzie (28), farm labourer, appeared in the City Court before Mr. Maclean, P.M., today. Supporting a police request for a remand, Sergeant Madin said it was alleged that Robinson was shot with a shotgun in his hut in the Wombat Ranges at Tolmie and that his body was placed under a log in the bush, where his skeleton was discovered on September 28. McKenzie was arrested on the murder charge on Wednesday afternoon by Detective-Sergeant O’Keefe, Senior Detective Sloan, Senior Constable Barrett and Detective Garvey. McKenzie was remanded to appear at the City Court on October 14. He did not ask for bail.

On This Day – June 27, 1943

Beer Party Incident Gives Clue

Clues obtained in the shooting episode at Fitzroy on the night of July 27, when Pearl Oliver (19) was murdered and Joseph Fanesi (26) and Peter Croft, an Allied sailor, were seriously wounded, have led police to a party where several kegs of black market beer had been drunk and where the atmosphere was quarrelsome.

Members of the Melbourne and Sydney underworld were among the guests. It is said that trouble flared up at the party when Sydney gunmen made advances to the dead girl. A Melbourne man who said that Oliver was ‘his girl’ objected. Sydney gunmen left the party, but later returned with automatic pistol. One was heard to say, ‘They’ll learn who’s boss here.’ No violence occurred at the party.

It is believed that gunmen followed the girl Oliver, Fanesi, and Croft, and shot them when they alighted from a car at the corner of Brunswick and Gertrude Streets, Fitzroy. Faneid and Croft were thought to have been shot first, and the girl afterwards, as she ran across the street.  She dropped into the gutter.  The girl was also kicked or struck on the head, as her skull was fractured in two places. An outbreak of underworld gun battles is expected to result from the Fitzroy shooting.

On this day …….. 27th of June 1880

Aaron Sherritt’s body still lay in a pool of blood on the floor of his hut in the Woolshed Valley near Beechworth, North East Victoria after being murdered by the Kelly Gang. Police in his hut affrayed that Ned Kelly and his gang were still outside waiting to ambush them. The idea behind killing Sherritt was for the police watch Aaron would ride into Beechworth raise alarm so a special train full of police would leave Melbourne for North East Victoria. However the police to scared to leave would wait over 12 hours before leaving Sherritt’s hut. The police train finally left Melbourne at 10pm.

On This Day ……. 27th June 1910

John McDonald were taken from the Geelong Gaol to Ballarat on this day in 1910 to stand trial at the Supreme Court for alleged larceny at Shelford.

On this day …….. 27th of June 1880

Most of the law abiding element of Glenrowan’s population had been rounded up by Ned Kelly and his gang and held hostage in Ann Jones Inn. This was so the Kelly’s could de rail the train tacks and no warning of the trap towards the police and their special train coming from Melbourne. As the day wore n, and no police train appeared along the tracks, the tense atmosphere developed, and by late night, it appeared that there would be no train. The police train finally left Melbourne for Beechworth in North East Victoria, at 10pm, with police, horses and blacktrackers.

On This Day – June 27, 1930

Murder and suicide was the finding of the City Coroner (Mr. Grant, P.M.) today after the inquiry into the death of George Young, horse trainer, and Lily Maude Veal, 49, whose bodies were found after a violent quarrel at a house in Kent street, Richmond, on June 27.

The deceased man and woman were known as Mr. and Mrs. Shipp. They had frequent violent quarrels The evidence showed that Young killed the woman by firing three revolver bullets into her body, and he then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

On This Day …….. 27th June 1930

About midnight on the 27th of June 1930, the Daylesford police went to Bullarto in response to a report that an armed man Norman Brown aged 34, was threatening a family there. They found that a man, who it is said is an escapee from Sunbury Asylum, had secured a rifle, and during a general melee had smashed furniture in the house of a female relative with an axe and fired a riffle shot, at her beside threatening other, members of the family. When the police arrived the man barricaded himself in a room. When a demand was made that the door should be opened, the man cocked his riffle. The police guarded the house until daylight, when they forced the door and found the man lying on a bed with two rifles beside him. He was taken back to Sunbury.


On This Day ……. 27th of July 1913

At the Birregurra Police Court on this day in 1913, a young man named Roy Thomlinson, arrested in Geolong, was charged with larceny of £10 from H. A Brady. a local hotelkeeper. He pleaded guilty, and the bench, sentenced him to two months’ imprisonment at Geelong gaol.


ON THIS DAY – June 27, 1979

City Court was told that a man alleged to have murdered Miss Lisa Maude Brearley at Olinda on August 8 had been on remand on another murder charge at the time. The prosecutor, Inspector D. Scott, said this in an application for the remand of Mr Robert Lindsay Wright, 24, who was charged with having murdered Miss Brearley. He also has been charged with having murdered Wayne Keith Smith at St Kilda on June 27. No pleas were entered and Mr Duffy, SM, allowed the police application and remanded Mr Wright in custody until September 26.

NOTE: Stephen Haigh would later be charged and convicted of both these murders

On This Day ……. 26th of June 1941

In the Geelong Court of Petty Sessions on this day in 1941, James Joseph Badilatti, labourer, of no fixed place of residence, was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment in Geelong gaol on a charge of vagrancy.

On This Day ……. 26th June 1908

The Public Works department has approved of specifications for renovating and painting the governor’s quarters at the Geelong gaol, and other minor works in the gaol will be attended to at the same time.