On this day …….. 28th of August 1811

On this day in 1811 Ralph Malkins led his wife into the streets of Windsors, New South Wales with a halter around her neck. He sold her to the highest bidder, a man named Thomas Quires, who paid £16 and a few metres of cloth. The woman declared to the assembled crowd that she was agreeable to the bargain, and on payment of the purchase money on the spot she went off with her purchaser, after telling the crowd she had no doubt her new possessor would make a better husband than the one who had sold her. The authorities were outraged by the disgraceful episode and investigated it. All the parties admitted their roles and Malkins was sentences to received 50 lashes and to be put to three months hard labour in irons in the Sydney Gaol gang. His wife was transported to the Newcastle penal colony for a indefinite period. Quire sappers to got off scot free.