On this day …….. 29th of August 1885

While out for a drive in a horse and cart, a man and woman survived an extraordinary accident on this day in 1885. As they were nearing the western gates of Governor’s Domain at Parramatta, New South Wales, when a dog ran out and bit their horse. The maddened animal rushed towards the closed gates 150 metres away at high speed and in a tremendous jump cleared them. It was assumed that the jerk caused by the wheels going over a shallow gutter just short of the gate was sufficient to bounce the cart off the ground and the impetus of the leaping horse was enough to carry it and it’s passengers safely over the gates. Unfortunately the cart hit a tree afterwards and the traces broke. The man held on to the reins and was dragged along the ground and badly bruised, while the woman remained on her seat and was unhurt. The heavy cast iron gates cleared were almost two metres high.