On this day …….. 1st September 1928

James McMahon, aged 33 years, a prisoner who was serving a sentence of seven years for an offence against a girl in Essendon, Victoria, McMahon was first placed in Pentridge, but after a unsuccessful attempt to escape he was transferred to Geelong Gaol. On the 1st of September 1928, during a religious service McMahon managed to scale a pipe on the eastern end of the Gaol and clime on to an in terrier wall between two excise yard with the purpose of running along and then jumping into Swanston st. When McMahon was noticed by the warden in the tower, he was asked to climb down but refused. The warder fired two shots of his riffle, the first hitting the wall behind McMahon and the second wounding him. This was enough for McMahon to clime down. On the 2nd of September, he was charged with attempting to escape, and an extra 6 months was added to his sentence. The judge also ordered McMahon to under go a psych test.