On This Day – September 30, 1913

The adjourned inquiry into the death of the boy John Adam Anderson, whose decapitated body was found in a paddock at Wharparilla on September 3o, was concluded at Echuca to-day. David Clarence Freeman, aged 14 years, who is charged with having murdered Anderson, was present in custody. He was allowed to sit by his father in the body of the court, and he appeared to be the least concerned of anyone present. Raymond Josiah Francis, 12 years, said he remembered a fight taking place at Torrumbarry State school between accused and deceased about twelve months ago. Deceased had the best of the fight, and Freeman threatened by signs to shoot Anderson. James Henderson said on one occasion whilst in school accused was writing on the floor with rifle bullets, and when remonstrated with he placed a bullet in a rifle and pointed the weapon at the teacher. The coroner committed Freeman for trial on a charge of having wilfully murdered Anderson.