On this day …….. 31st of October 1874

A brutality displayed of cannibalism actuated by jealous rage was displayed by George Eskdale, a professional direr, lived in Nott-street Sandridge, Victoria on this day in 1874. Eskdale on discovering an opposite neighbour James Frederick Melton, a cork-cutter visiting his wife at her own house. The visit is said to have been a thoroughly, harmless one, the parties being old acquaintances from having at one time lived next door to each other, and Melton had merely gone there to tell the woman about fetching soma money due to her when the husband entered, and, crying out that he had long suspected the pair of improper intimacy, and would now have his revenge, blacked Melton’s eyes, knocked him down, and, seizing his nose between his teeth, chewed it as a dog would gnaw a bone. When at length Melton was thrown out of the house on to the sand, Eskdale repented the outrage, and has succeeded in reducing his victim’s nasal organ to a hideous pulp.