ON THIS DAY – November 16, 1907

Two men, Roy Sherrin, 19 years of age, a labourer, living in Nicholson street, Abbotsford, and William Thomas, driver, of River-street, Richmond, have been arrested, charged with the wilful murder of John Bradford. Bradford sustained a fracture of the skull in a brawl in Hoddle-street, on November 16, and died in the Melbourne  Hospital on Thursday. They were present at the inquest, which was opened at the Morgue to-day. Dr. Mollison said that he had a post mortem examination. There was a bruising on the right temporal muscle, and a fracture of the skull on the right side. There was an extensive bruising of the frontal lobes of the brain. The death was caused by the fracture of the skull and bruising of the brain. The Coroner intimated that the inquiry would be adjourned toll December 10.