On this day …….. 13th of December 1955

On this day in 1955, Australian housewife “superstar”, Dame Edna Everage, makes her stage debut, at Melbourne Uni. Dame Edna Everage is the brainchild and ostentatious alter-ego of Australian actor Barry Humphries. The Moonee Ponds housewife, originally created as a parody of Australian suburban insularity, has developed from her earlier dowdiness to become a satire of stardom, the gaudily dressed, ostentatious, international Housewife Gigastar with outrageous glasses.

Barry Humphries was born on the 17th of February 1934 in Melbourne, Australia. He studied law, philosophy and fine arts at Melbourne University before joining the Melbourne Theatre Group and embarking on an acting career. He created the character of Edna Everage who made her Australian debut at Melbourne’s Union theatre on the 13th of December 1955. Humphries brought her to the British stage in 1969 for his one-man show, “Just a Show”. In 1970 Barry returned to Australia, where Edna Everage made her movie debut in John B Murray’s The Naked Bunyip. Humphries has ensured his creation has kept up with the latest technology. Dame Edna now has her own website, dame-edna.com, where fans can find the latest tour dates, merchandise and information about Australia’s favourite housewife.