On this day …….. 28th of December 1908

On December the 28th, James Hudmett, a single man, who resides at Richmond, called at the Melbourne Hospital and informed the doctor there that he had swallowed his false teeth. He was admitted as an in-patient, symptoms of an alarming nature became apparent, and a few minutes before midnight Hudmett died.

ON THIS DAY – December 27, 1951

Before being remanded on a charge of having murdered his step-brother on December 27, David Eccles, 54, of East Brunswick, said: ‘It wasn’t my fault he died.’ Eccles came to East Brunswick police station on New Year’s Day and told police that his step brother, William Eccles, 46, wharf labourer, had accidentally fallen in the house in Laura Street and killed himself. William Eccles’ body was found on the floor of a bedroom, Detective de Vere said. He had apparently been dead for several days. The detective said that Eccles later stated that there had been an argument and he had struck his step-brother on the head with a bottle and kicked him. He went to bed and found his step brother dead next morning. A post-mortem examination by the Government Pathologist (Dr. K. Bowden) had revealed that Eccles died from the injuries received. Police opposed ball, and David Eccles was remanded in custody to the January 9.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1914

Mr Alexander Henderson, 73 years of age, the oldest resident of Glenora, has met his death in peculiar circumstances. He spent Christmas with his nephew, Mr Malcolm M’Lean, and left for his home some two miles, distant shortly after 6 pm on the 27th of December. On December 29th Mr Henderson’s hat and a parcel were found on a lonely road hear the State school. Search parties were organised, and in the afternoon Mr. Henderson was found entangled in a wire fence, and unconscious. He had been in that position for about 50 hours. It is assumed that he was overcome by sudden weakness, and unable to extricate himself from the wire. He was removed to his home and given medical attention, but died early following morning.


ON THIS DAY…… 27th December 1906

Mr. C. S: Paterson, the governor of the Geelong Gaol return from his annual leave on this day in 1906, and will retire from the service’s on the 31st of December. Mr. Robert Patterson, deputy, governor of Pentridge, took charge of the Geelong gaol, he was stationed in Geelong some years ago as senior warder.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1896

Mark Twain delivered his final lecture in Melbourne on the 27th of December, at the Athenaeum Hall, which was crowded to the doors. On 28th December the famous humorist left Melbourne for India in the R.M.S. Oceania, and there remain behind him many pleasant recollections of that quaint genius which has made his poem on the wonderful fauna of Australia.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1954

Three 16-year old youths in East Preston last night watched a luminous green sphere speed across the sky for nearly a minute before it disappeared. They are Gary Files, of Waiora rd., Rosanna; Alan Richmond, of Maltas st., East Preston; and Noel Tolmear, of Madeline st., East Preston. They said the object glowed green, and had a yellow light on the tail. It was moving too fast for an aeroplane. The time was about 9.50 p.m. An airport official said last night the youths may have seen the green starboard and yellow tail lights of an aircraft travelling towards the aerodrome.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1921

At the Terang Court Robert James Sefton a cyclist, was charged with having on December 27 thrown a missile to the danger of persons. Evidence was given that on Boxing Day Sefton was a competitor at the Terang Friendly Societies’ sports. He was riding in the first heat of the three mile bicycle race, but fell. When he got up he stood beside the track till the other riders came round again and then he threw his bicycle in front of them, bringing three of them down. When questioned by the police, he said he just did his block’ and in reply to an official of the club he said, Deferring to another rider, ‘He brought me down and I ‘did my block.’ ‘ He was find £2.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1902

The strange conduct of the young man Frank Dunnemann, who on the 27th December, at Fitzroy, shot at and wounded a young lady, formed the subject of his trial for attempted murder at the Supreme Court. It will be remembered that the young people met first in Broken Hill, where Miss Elkins was appearing with a variety company, and residing at an hotel kept by the accused mother. Then she went to Adelaide, and accused followed her. She came across to Melbourne in December, pursued still by her ardent lover. She tried to be cool with him, and finally refused to have anything to do with him. She confessed to having written letters couched in loving terms to the accused. One night, while she was returning to her home in Fitzroy, the accused met her in a quiet street, and in the course of an altercation a revolver he was carrying exploded, the bullet striking the young lady on the forehead. The young man was chased by a bystander, whom he shot at, and missed. Then he pointed the revolver at his own head, and, firing twice, inflicted two wounds in the forehead. He was found lying behind a bush, and subsequently near the same spot a letter, signed by the accused, was discovered. It was addressed to Miss Elkins’s mother, and bade ‘farewell to all.’ It was full of curiously misspelt words, and aimed at in forming the world of the accused’s love for ‘his Connie, without whom I cannot live, and so I want to make sure she is dead.’ For the defence it was stated that the accused, who is only 20 years old, was subject to fits, and had been hit on the head some years ago. The plea of impulsive insanity was accordingly put forth. The jury brought in a verdict of wounding with intent to murder, and Judge Hodges recorded a sentence of death, saying that he did not feel justified in passing it.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1832

On the 27th of December 1832, Charlotte Welsh, a convict woman working as a servant in a Sydney house, was sent to the female workhouse for six weeks for being insolent to her mistress. She had complained that her Christmas pudding had no brandy in it.


On this day …….. 27th of December 1905

An inquest was held at Williamstown touching the death of Archibald Campbell Boyd, who was found dead under his bed on the 27th of December. On the same day his wife was discovered in the house with her arm broken. A verdict was returned by that death was due to natural causes.


ON THIS DAY – December 27, 1924

In the Supreme Court, Henry Gray was charged with having murdered Michael Fahey at Elaine on December 27. After a short retirement the jury returned a verdict of not guilty of murder or manslaughter.


On this day …….. 26th of December 1942

On the 26th of December 1942 nine year old Patricia Ramsay of Belmore, Sydney, escaped death when she was drawn by suction 50m though a 75cm wide pipe while the bath at Thirroul, Wollongong, NSW, were being emptied. Patricia escaped with shock and bruises.