On This Day ……. 1st January 1911

Archibald Victor Martin Steane, Government Assistant Surveyor in the Maryborough district of Victoria, was found dead in Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy, early on the morning on the 1st of January. He had a great cut across the eye and foul play was suspected, but investigations tend to show that he must have fallen on the stones in a portion of the Gardens, and after sustaining the injuries, had managed to reach a grass plot before collapsing. However a week later development were made in the mystery surrounding the death of Archibald Steane, aged 24, who, as previously wired, was found dead in the Edenburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy. Percy Lynch informed the police that late on New Year’s Eve he was walking through the Gardens with two females, when a man asked for a cigarette. Lynch gave him one. Then the man remarked that Lynch, had one girl too many, and suggested that he should escort one of them. The girls walked on, and the stranger according to Lynch left, but returned, and molested one of the girls. Lynch struck him, and the stranger pulled out what looked like a revolver. Lynch, fearing he would shoot, wrenched the weapon from his grasp, and hit him on the head. The stranger ; stepped up, and with a staggering blow sent Lynch to the ground. Lynch thought that he would be overpowered, and, rising, he ran away with the girls. He thought no more of the matter until he saw in the newspapers a report of the finding of the body. At a late hour Lynch was arrested on a charge of murder.