On This Day ……. 1st January 1862

Harriet Webb, aged 40, had been beaten to death in her own house which she shared with Kate Gorman. Fanny Porter, a witness who also lived in the house stated that she returned home at about 1am. Harriet Webb, was in bed lying, propped up with pillows, against the wall and groaning. There was no candle in the house and it was a very dark night. Fanny lay down beside the Webb until she began to fit, she then left, and went into another room. As soon as it was light, Fanny returned to Webb and found her on her hands and knees, trying to get up. Kate Gorman then entered the room asking where her bottle of rum was. Seeing the state that Webb was in Gorman said that drunken beast Webb must have got up and drunk it. Gorman grabbed Webb by hair and commenced beating her stiking head against the floor, over and over. Gorman screaming you drunken beast I will take the worth of the rum out of you. Standing over her Gorman dragged Webb by the hair to the washing stand and smashed her head against it smashing her teeth from her mouth and bricking her nose. Still standing over the top of her victim Gorman washed her hands before leavening Webb convulsing on the floor all day to die. Gorman was discharged in the absence of witnesses.