On This Day ……. 1st January 1935

On this day in 1935, Arnold Sodeman a serial killer struck for the third time. His victim, Ethel Belshaw, was a 12-year-old girl whom he strangled at the sea-side town of Inverloch. Belshaw was intending on buying an ice cream when she disappeared. Sodeman would kill one more victim. Sodeman at the time was on a work crew repairing roadways. During a morning tea break a fellow worker jokingly stated he had seen Sodeman on his bike near the crime scene. Sodeman replied angrily that he wasn’t there. He had answered with such anger and rage, which was very out of character for him, that the workers told police. Police rushed to Sodeman’s worksite and took him away for questioning. As soon as police had him in their custody, Sodeman confessed to the crimes. Police were initially skeptical of the confession, but Sodeman gave details of the crimes that only the killer could have known. Whilst confessing to the crimes, Sodeman told police how he would link his thumbs together to simplify the choking of his victims.