On this day …….. 26th of January 1954

On this day in 1954, wandering elephant, crashed its way through a Sydney church hall and broke up a meeting of Scottish pipers. According to the Rev. R. A. Hickey, of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Redfern. The pipers literally picked up their skirts and ran for their lives. The nine-year-old elephant an escapee from a nearby circus, lumbered along Cleveland Street pursued by two keepers. She saw the open doorway of St. Paul’s Hall, and made straight for it. The doorway and part of the wall were shattered as the elephant pushed her way through. But the pipers were making such a racket they did not hear the visitor until she was in their midst. To get out of the hall, ‘Topsy’ retraced her steps and took some more of the wall with her. Last week ‘Topsy’ escaped, and ambled for a mile before being caught.