ON THIS DAY – January 29, 1920

Angelo Gaston Lembo (49) shot Stella Norris (21) at a lodging-house in William street, Melbourne and then committed suicide. The lodging-house keeper, Mrs. Findlay, was in the kitchen with Miss Norris when Lembo came home and went up to his room. Shortly afterwards Miss Norris went to hers, but she presently rushed screaming downstairs, crying to Mrs. Findlay, ‘Angelo has shot me.’ Blood was pouring from wounds in the girl’s arm and back. Mrs. Findlay attended her, then ran for assistance. Police broke into Miss Norris’ room and found Lembo stretched dead upon the floor, amid a pool of blood. The shot had pierced his left ear. He and Miss Norris had been engaged and had been living in the name lodging-house, occupying separate rooms. He told an Italian friend over a week ago that he intended to kill himself because he was unhappy. Originally a wood contractor, Lembo served three years at the war. When he returned he won a big sweep, from the proceeds of which he purchased a hotel at Fitzroy. Eventually he sold the hotel and had been living on the money so obtained up to the time of the fatality.