On this day ………… 24th February 1908

Benjamin Harvey an inmate who escaped from the Ararat Asylum, Victoria on the 24th of February 1908, dressed only in his’ shirt, was captured at an early hour of the 27th of February by Constables Wood and, Lovitt, of Ararat. On the run Harvey called at Mr. Delaney’s farm, and asked if he might sharpen some knives on the grindstone. Harvey explained that he had escaped from the Ballarat Gaol, where he had nearly killed a warder by kicking him. He also told them he knew that the police were pursuing him, but that he did not intend to be caught alive and would need his three butchers’ knives. Once Harvey left Mr. Delaney communicated with the police. Constables Wood and Lovitt went out, but Lovitt stayed near the house to protect Mrs. Delaney and her children. Mr. Delaney arranging that this should be done because he has a good knowledge of the locality, undertook to drive Constable Wood to were he believed Harvey was. At around 2am they found the man’s camp, but the man himself and some of his be longings had gone. However, thinking that Harvey had shifted some of his things, they watched, and in a few minutes he appeared with a knife in each hand. He swore he would kill anyone who tried to arrest him. Constable Wood drew his revolver, and giving his baton to Mr. Delaney, kept the man at bay. Harvey’s whose behaviour was most violent, lunged first at one, then at the other, and refused to listen to the command to thrown his knives down. At last Wood fired over his head, but this only added fire to the man’s fury and when Wood called on Delaney to rush the man and kill him, the Harvey threw the knives on the ground and allowed himself to be handcuffed. He was then brought back to the Ararat Asylum.