On this day ………… 13th March 1935

While working at a butcher’s shop in Malvern, Melbourne, on this day in 1935, Arthur Venville was accidentally locked in a freezer room by another employee who was unaware that anyone was inside. The man shut the freezer door and closed up the shop at 6pm for the day and was gone by the time Venville realised he was trapped. He bagged on the door and the walls and shouted for help but the freezer walls were so thick. The 20 year old was wearing only a shirt and light pants, but managed to keep warm by jumping, running on the spot, swinging his arms and keeping active by moving meat from one hook to another. In this way Venville remained awake and fought against the numbing cold. He was released from his chilly prison after 11 hours when a delivery man arrived at 5.30am the next day. Venville staggered out of the cold and tired. Later that day he went back to work.