ON THIS DAY …… 29th March 1947


Pleading that he acted in self-defence, Chang Gooh Kong aged 34, Chinese seaman, was acquitted in the Criminal Court of the murder of Douglas Vivian Alcock aged 21, labourer, of Brunswick St., Fitzroy, on this day in 1947.


ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1875

A painful accident happened to his Honour Sir Redmond Barry (judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to death) on this day in 1875. Barry was returning in his buggy to his farm at Nunawading, when his horse bolted in going down a hill, and upset the vehicle. Sir Redmond was thrown out with considerable violence, falling upon his left arm, which was broken by the concussion. He was shortly afterwards picked up by a gentleman who was driving past, and conveyed to town. Dr Barker was immediately called in, due to swollen state of the limb it was thought better to postpone setting the broken bone until the next day.



On This Day – 29th March 1912

Mr. Read Murphy. P.M., made his usual visit to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1912, and found no cause for complaint. Five prisoners of the invalid class were received from Pentridge while he was there.


ON THIS DAY …….. 29th March 1955


An ambulance was used as a court, when Stanislaus Bartosz was remanded on a charge of murder. Bartosz a 40 year old Polish tobacco farmer. As the ambulance stood in the yard at Russell Street Police Headquarters, the Judge stood alongside it, and an interpreter relayed proceedings to Bartosz, who lay inside. He was brought to Melbourne just before the Court, from Myrtleford, where he is alleged to have shot another farmer, and then attempted to commit suicide, on this day in 1955.


ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1917

A horrible accident happened on this day to a married woman, of East Prahran. While working at the Australian Jam Works, she would lose her footing and fall into a boiling pot of jam. On admission to the Alfred Hospital she was found to have burns to most of her body.



ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1930

On this day in 1930, the people of North East Victoria, voted on a referendum to bring in Prohibition. The campaign up to the Poll was fought over a two month period, with a coalition of churches and temperance groups under the banner of The Victorian Prohibition League campaigning for prohibition. Opposing the campaign was an unlikely hotch potch of brewing and industry pressure groups, civil libertarians, freethinkers, and moderate drinkers, even some non drinkers, who saw in the American gangster experience something not to be repeated in Australia. The Temperance group conducted a strong campaign on the theme of how much happier home life could be without booze, while the opposition plugged away at the alternative – bootlegging, Chicago style gang wars, and the sobering suggestion that every country which had tried prohibition had been forced to scrap it. The votes were cast, and counted. Prohibition was defeated.



On This Day –  28th March 1926

George Gerald Clarkson, who was arrested at the Geelong races by Constable Carey on 3rd of March, on a charge of having stolen £12 from the pocket of a patron of the races named Lim Kee, has disappeared. He was liberated on bail from the Geelong gaol on this day in 1926, to appear at the police court on 12th March.


On This Day – 28th March 1867

John Smith was charged at the Geelong Gaol with disobedience of orders by Turkey Toner and was sentenced to 48 hours solitary confinement with meat and bread only by the Governor.


ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1945

A cow joined a family party in a rowing boat on the Bellinger River near Kempsey, New South Wales on this day in 1945. Two cows were shoving each other and one fell over the riverbank into the boat in which Mr Martin of Fernmount and two of his children were sitting. The boat did not capsize but Martin and one of the children fell out. The cow stayed in the boat with the other child, but was unsettled and soon fell overboard. When Martin had saved his child in the water, he went back to save his other in the half swamped boat. One of the cows horns cut martins upper lip and he required medical attention.



ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1855

On March 28, 1855 Captain Coleman’s son was taken by a shark after falling overboard from the sailing ship Sobella near Port Wakefield, on Gulf St. Vincent. Witnesses saw a shark swim by with the young boy’s body in its jaws. This was the first recorded shark attack in South Australia.



On This Day – 28th March 1863

Convict Michael McSweeney was charged at the Geelong Gaol with striking a fellow prisoner, Ah Fleeny, by Turnkey Tower and was sentenced to 48 hours solitary confinement by Governor Charles Brodie.


ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1908

Whilst cycling down a hill on the Castlemaine Rd, Melbourne a young man named Clifford Jubber fell, and as he was carrying an axe at the time, he could not make any effort to save himself. The right side of his face was badly lacerated, the skin being torn away from the bottom of the eye, and the bone laid bare. He also suffered other painful injuries.