On This Day – 28th March 1863

Convict William Gilmore was charged at the Geelong Gaol with disobedience of orders by Turnkey Andrews and was sentenced to 24 hours solitary confinement by Governor Charles Brodie.

ON THIS DAY……….. 28th of March 1899

Alice Maud Jepson, wife of Johann Christian Jepson a lighterman, was arrested by Constable Harris of Yarraville, on suspicion of having murdered her son Francis Norman Jepson, aged seven years. Jepson was brought before Messrs Warner and Gallant J.P.s at the Footscray Police Court. The accused appeared to be fairly well composed and chatted cheerfully with her husband, who sat beside her. Sub-inspector Oliver appeared for the police and sought a remand to the Port Melbourne Court. Constable Harris gave formal evidence of the arrest, and accused was then remanded to appear at Port Melbourne on the 6th of April. Mr Jepson is anxious to correct an impression that his wife had for some time been an inmate of a lunatic asylum. He denies this absolutely. He declares that his wife was “the best wife ever a man had.” She had just told him, he added, that “their boy was now dead. She was sure he had gone to Heaven, and would be exalted. Jepaon was found guilty of the murder of her son by wilfully drowning him at Fisherman’s Bend in the Yarra.


EXECUTION THIS DAY …….. 28th March 1854

James Button was executed in the old Melbourne Gaol for robbery under arms and shooting Robert McLean. Button was not afraid of the physical pain of death, but expressed contrition for his numerous crimes, and looked forward to a future state with fear. Button was executed at 8am.


ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1934

The residents of Myrtleford, North East Victoria, turned out on this day in 1934, to see Mrs L. Diffey, wife of the district parliamentarian cut the ribbon outside the Myrtleford power station. The town then watch in ore as electric power to the town was officially turned on.



ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1853

For a wage, a man named Wright drunk two pints of rum at a Hobart public house on this day in 1853. He won the bet, but died shortly afterwards.



ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1907

Edward Edis, aged 41, an employe at the sewerage pumping works, Spotswood, Melbourne suddenly collapsed whilst at work on this day in 1907. He was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital in an unconscious condition, and died shortly after being taken to the ward. It is supposed that death was the result of sanguinary apoplexy.



On This Day – 27th March 1938

Restrictions placed on concert parties visiting the gaol because of the Infantile paralysis epidemic has been lifted, and the first concert for the year was given on Sunday, the 27th of March, when a party from Melbourne visited the gaol.


ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1926

Arthur Abel Angove, employed as a groom at Glenloth Station, near Wycheproof, was found not guilty of the murder of James McDonald, a fellow employee, on the 27th of March and was discharged. It was alleged that following an altercation at the station on the morning of March 27 between McDonald and the wife of the accused, McDonald had pushed the lady to the floor of the hallway and dragged her by the legs to the kitchen before forcibly placed Mrs. Angove’s head under a water tap whereupon the accused had shot him. Before being tried in the Bendigo Supreme Court, Angove was housed in the Wycheproof police cells (now at the Swan Hill Pioneer Village).


ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1986

On this day in 1986, the Russell Street Police Headquarters complex in Russell Street was a target of a bombing attack which would bring the Victorian Police Force and Melbourne to a stand still. The explosion was caused by a car bomb hidden in a stolen 1979 Holden Commodore. The blast seriously injured 21-year-old Constable Angela Taylor, who died on the 20th of April, becoming the first Australian policewoman to be killed in the line of duty. A further 22 people were injured. The explosion caused massive amounts of damage to the police HQ and surrounding buildings, estimated at more than A$1 million. The Age newspaper reported that the blast had such an impact because of the open-floor design of the offices acted like a claymore mine, sending more shrapnel as the blast ripped through the floors, seemingly adding more pressure to the blast as it followed its path. The station was closed in 1995 and was eventually converted into apartments. In the course of the investigation, a group of people including Stan Taylor, Peter Reed, Craig Minogue and Rodney Minogue were apprehended. The motive for the bombing seems to have been revenge against the police, as the bombers had previously been arrested and still resented their jail terms. In court, Taylor, Reed and Craig Minogue were convicted; Rodney Minogue was eventually acquitted on appeal.


ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1941

In 1916 a soldier named Cowan sailed away to war on the transport ship Euripides. While it was at sea off the Victorian Coast, Cowan dropped a bottle over the side containing a letter addressed to a friend named Miss Madge Lush. On this day in 1941, Miss Lush’s brother was walking along the beach at Beachport, South Australia, when he noticed a bottle in the sand. Pulling out the cork, he discovered a faded envelope address to his sister in Melbourne, some 600km away.



ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892


On this day in 1892, Mrs. Gallon, who was in charge of the railway gates at Sebastian, Bendigo, Victoria was knocked down by a tricycle and sustained a dislocation of the hip.



ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1938


After hearing evidence the coroner Mr. T. W. Hammond found the death of Edwin McKenzie, aged 18, farm hand, of Cudgee, died from injuries inflicted by a bottle thrown by Geoffrey Roy Wilson. Wilson was committed for trial on a charge of manslaughter at the Court of General Sessions, Warrnambool. Edwin McKenzie died in Warrnambool Base Hospital on this day in 1938.