On This Day……… 1st April 1873


A great All Fools Day Joke was played by some wags at Creswick, on this day in 1873. It appears that in the shire a licence fee of £25 was imposed, which some 15 or 20 publicans refused to pay, and fines for selling without a licence applied. Taking advantage of their dissatisfaction, some unknown wag, well acquainted with the facts conceived an idea, and was so successfully carried out. Writing to nearly every publican in the shire, asking his attendance at a meeting to be held at the British Hotel, Creswick to give evidence before a commission. Never was a bait more eagerly snapped at, from 9am the town was quite alive with buggies and horse men rapidly pouring in, much to the astonishment of the townspeople, who were quite at a loss to account for this sudden eruption. The British did not know, nor did any one else. No one there had heard anything of such a meeting previously, and all seemed wrapt in mystery. When looking at the letters sent again it was noticed in the corner was a mysterious ‘A. F.’ in red ink. – All fools day 1873 was spoken about for years to come.